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    What does the Witch do on her day off (Art Contest)

    Hey Folks! We're happy to announce the winners of the Witchin' Art Contest as voted by you, the Clash of Clans Community, on Facebook...

    1st Place, emiriic 2,500 gems!
    3 Runners up: gembuk, mrBlueFoxx, xx CHUD xx, 1,000 gems
    See all the entires: Featured in our Facebook Album

    Congratulations to our winners and a huge thanks to everyone who submitted an entry and/or voted!

    The Prompt: What does the Witch Do on her day off?

    How to Enter:
    1. Create and photograph/scan your entry
    2. Upload it to your favorite image hosting service. Here's one
    3. Respond to this post with your entry in image tags. [img] and [ / img ] (no spaces here) Include a brief description of your entry and your GameCenter ID

    Submit photos of your entry on our forums only to participate! You entry can be a drawing, painting, sculpture, digital reproduction, or whatever else you can think of, as long as it's ART. Just make sure you submit in on our forums before the deadline (Wednesday at 1pm PDT).
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    She hangs out in her room with her feet up on her pot of potions with her skull minions getting her whatever she wants and casting spells around her room!

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    she be hittin them clubs all night long with her skeleton buddy's
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    Have in fun with wizard

    She will be having fun with her newly married wizard and their skeleton henchmen and their Giant bodyguards, they'll be magicing new potions, dancing all night and bathing in the dark elixir given to them by the goblins

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    she gone to a party with the skeletons brothers and she makes a spell for they destroy all! 🔪🔪💣

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    Improve her spawn potions

    The Witch lives in a dark cabin far far away from the public. Everyday she focus on making her spells even more awesome and powerful. In the barrack outside her cabin, the skeletons train they're combat skills. But even further away, is the smith. That makes theyr weapons even bigger and more poweful. Each day the witch goes to a visit at her housband. The Barbarian, he gives her advices in combat and style.

    ​Hah, just some random.. Sorry my bad english, I'm norwegian.
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    There is no day off.
    She needs to dig in all those skeletons she is soumoning every day every night.
    Sad life, she only hase time to relax during maintaince break.
    And this time she mostly uses to pulish the golden horns of her gemsbok scepter.
    Itīs a girl. Everything has to be clean and shiny.

    Just saw only art. Sry for that.

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    Witch's off day style

    She really needs to have some make up,which she never even bother to do ,so why off days make her happy?

    She has the power to raise the dead ones but doesn't has the long life herself, so what off days bring for them?

    Like to attack from behind every time in a battle,so how she goes when she has no work in the realm?

    Getting ideas from her battle styles is what made me to guess about her casual life!!


    Skeletons is what she have for her rest!!
    Hair style is what she loves to have the best!!

    Idea about facing defences herself is what makes her afraid!!
    Knowing about those who dares to go first on raid!!

    Learn spells to raise more dead on the field!!
    Raising her wand to cast spells on the land!!

    More you can expect from her deadly reflects!!
    But for now, her off day is coming to an end!!

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    The witch is having her day off at the beach, all by herself, leaving her house unguarded. Hours later, her best friends (skeletons) came at her and said that there was someone raiding her village! So her day off, became a disaster! After she heard the news, she rushed at her village, and helped to save her resources. After 2min of raid, she won the raid! With the help of her friends. In the end, her day off went to a wonderful day!

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    my gamecenter blaze4033

    images 2.jpg
    She goes to the real world
    and haunts the humans
    with her Skeletons and
    her mystical powers
    Attached Images Attached Images
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