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Thread: *Four Seasons* Very active, chatty, extremely generous, the Best! Tag# QU9QQ9P Join!!

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    We are still here and doing great. Come join us!

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    Hi Iím looking for a new neighbourhood Iím level 54 if your recruiting

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    Another first place finish in derby. Come join us!

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    Hi there, we are however your level is still a bit to low. What are you looking for in a neighborhood that you haven't found yet?

    You can PM me.
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    Finished 3 lines in bingo derby. Things are doing great here.

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    Come join us!

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    Hello! I love the recruitment post! I am experience level 45, reputation level 10. I would like to join your NH and derby. But, i dont play much on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday due to workload. From Wednesday evening, i am quite active. If you think i am suitable for your NH, please let me know. #9J0LJUQ9L

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    (Raj-I sent you a PM.)

    Bump for a great neighborhood.

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    Tomorrow is the day to jump hoods. Come visit us.

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    We are such a great hood! We have an amazing cohesive Team I'm so proud of. Such great ppl and we all get along so good, the game is enjoyable in our hood even though we are competitive. We love to win! We have a few tricks we use to win the special derbies and we are learning more from the amazing hoodies we have each day; that have played for many years. Come join us if you also like to win the Derby, if you need a new place to call home, if you are kind and helpful and play well with a Team. We respect each other and our hood is the Best!!
    See you soon!! You can PM me if you have questions.
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