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Thread: *Four Seasons* Very active, chatty, extremely generous, the Best! Tag# QU9QQ9P Join!!

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    Wednesday morning-derby finished.

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    Weekend coming, then Monday. If you are not happy with your hood, try us.

    Have a good weekend!

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    Sunday night. Open for new members Monday morning. Come on over!

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    bump bump bump

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    It's Monday. Time to switch hoods!

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    Bump Bump Bump

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    Give us a try!

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    Sunday night. If you are looking for a new neighborhood, give us a try.

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    Nov 2019
    Hi, i would love to join your hood. I'm a active, level 89 player with 4 years of experience. I am friendly, helpful and do 9 tasks of 320. I tried searching your tag but it did not come up

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    Hi HD Players!! You are welcome to join our most amazing hood!! I love our hoodies they are so fantastic!! We get along great and really care about each other!! We are active and pros at the Derby!! Come and join in the fun!! It's a busy time of year so you are welcome to opt out if needed. Join our messenger chat just for the game so we can communicate about the Derby and the hood more fully rather than just in game chat. Come knocking soon!! Here is our Hood Tag # QU9QQ9P
    We look forward to meeting you!!

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