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Thread: Hog Rider Attack Strategy TH8 - 3 Star Tutorial

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    Hog Rider Attack Strategy TH8 - 3 Star Tutorial

    Clash of Clans 3 star TH8 Hog Rider Attack Strategy Guide to learn how to use a hog attack to 3 star very tough maxed out Town Hall 8. This is a strategy you need to get down for clan wars and trophy pushing and it will prepare you for even more complex attack strategies.
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    Nice effort.

    I am confused though. How exactly is this a tutorial? It's just a bunch of random 3* attacks without any explanation as to strategy.

    Further, I have several thoughts on the attacks to make them far more efficient.

    First of all, the attacker is losing way too many troops to kill the CC. Use a distract giant (or BK if you want, but I don't prefer that route), poison, and like 5 wiz and substantially all CCs are done (exception might be if valks are in CC. Then prob have to drop BK, as those turds do so much "instant" DPS, it can be a problem).

    Also, the attacker is bringing too many wiz. You seldom, if ever, need more than 6 wiz.

    Lastly, I don't understand bringing haste here. 2 poison are almost always welcome at TH8. One for CC and the other for either skellies or the BK.
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