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Thread: Private messages for better community cohesion

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    Private messages for better community cohesion

    Sometimes i see player bases and want to cantact them, ask them why they built it like this, or congratulate them for their great base or attack at my base. I think if there was a private message button on everyones profile, it would encourage people to have better communication and it would be helpful to have a strong increase of game community cohesion. The game would achieve a more social aspect what binds people more on the game, resulting that people are more likely to play the game further, even if their clan breaks in pieces. I wouldn't stop playing the game in this case i think, but i had the same experience as i played world of warcraft. I loved the game, but the only regular contact persons i had where people in my guild. When the most people in the guild quit playing it was much less fun to play and i quit too.

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    I look forward to the communitys opinion about this

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    This would be effective

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    For every player who wants to pay someone else a compliment or congratulate them, there are 150 players who will insult and denigrate them. Messaging players outside your clan would be a support nightmare. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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