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    Cool Hay Day Update - Neighborhood Trading!

    UPDATE 2: We are in maintenance again to fix the tea and onion issue!
    UPDATE: We are back online, so go go go and check out all the new things!

    YAY!! It’s FINALLY here - Hay Day’s Summer 2016 Update! We have been posting Sneak Peeks almost for a week now, revealing Neighborhood Trading, new production buildings, new crops, new products etc. Now we are ready to share all the rest as well. Check this out:

    Ever wish for an easier way to trade with your neighborhood friends? Well, now you can with our EGGtastic summer update!

    Introducing: Neighborhood Trading!
    • Tap on your new neighborhood birdhouse to request crops and products without worrying about anyone snatching them away!
    • Help out your neighborhood friends with their requests, earn XP and gain access to exclusive neighborhood titles to show off (refreshed on a weekly basis).
    • Unlock awesome visual improvements to your neighborhood area by completing new Neighborhood Trading achievements.

    Other community requested features:
    • New derby tasks: Complete specific production and town visitor tasks.
    • New crops: Plant Onions and Tea leaves.
    • New trees: Grow beautiful Orange and Peach trees.
    • New machines: brew 6 different aromatic teas in the Tea Stand and create 4 original and tasty dishes in the Taco Kitchen.
    • New products: added a whopping 13 new products to your pre-existing machines.
    • Improved neighborhood search: now you have a unique tag for your neighborhood, so new members can easily search for it.

    Additional features:
    • Things are heating up! The summer theme is here again!
    • Chat improvements: enabled native keyboard, and reversed chat direction support.
    • Edit mode fixes and system stability improvements.
    • Stay tuned for our birthday celebration starting from June 24th!
    Oh yeah!! How about that! While we are updating our servers for the update, check out this aMOOzing Neighborhood Trading tutorial video:

    As always, the update is rolling out all around the globe gradually, so please be patient if it is not yet available in your country.

    Also, check out the full list of the new products and unlock levels:

    Let us know what you think!


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    Community Manager
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    I want that cow pinata. Please

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    Wow, didn't expect update at this time!! can't wait!!
    Last edited by Kerish; June 21st, 2016 at 04:01 AM.

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    Looking so much forward to this update - thank you all at Supercell 😘

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    Looks like you sneaked-in on us Nick... I'll be updating ASAP! I will definitely need land expansions next update... pretty please with a cherry on top!
    Last edited by Sugaz; June 21st, 2016 at 05:01 AM.

    AND always remember... no matter where you go, there you are...!

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    Can't wait for the update!
    GC Id- JasonAldeanMG

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    Love it!!!!!

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    WOW, you guys sneaked into the office to do update around 7AM Finland time??? LOL. Unexpected, I have not even made preps for overnight runs yet (USA night time here). Darn. Anyway, thank you very much, Nick and Hay Day staff!!!
    Last edited by Gazzanga; June 21st, 2016 at 04:09 AM.

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    Great trading way thannkks and ill ba able to get it alll since im lvl 155 yayyy

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    Still loving your game SC, all of the game staff rock!!
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