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Thread: Town Hall 10 War Base Design for 2016

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    Thumbs Up Town Hall 10 War Base Design for 2016

    I've done TH7, TH8, and TH9 so finally it is time to see some Town Hall 10 base design! As always PLEASE leave me any feedback on these bases! Check out the previous one below:

    Town Hall 7 Design | Town Hall 8 Design | Town Hall 9 Design

    Read the full article:

    Town Hall 10 Anti-Valk Base Layout

    Valkryies have risen in popularity astronomically over the last few months due to their buff. Valks are used greatly throughout Town Hall 10, especially in war. Having a base against them is similar to an anti-hog base at Town Hall 9.

    Town Hall 10 Anti-GoWiPe Base Layout

    GoWiPe was one of the most popular TH10 strategies since the beginning of Town Hall 10 back in 2013 and still remains one of the best war attacks in the game. You have got to have an anti-GoWiPe base to succeed in this game.

    Town Hall 10 Anti-Lavaloonion Base Layout

    After the latest balance in the last update in Clash of Clans, air units have been a lot of stronger especially for those at Town Hall 11. Therefore, you should try to be able to prevent a big TH11 from three starring you with air units.

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    And again my negative opinion to this "Anti" Bases:

    #1 Normal Ring Base which is not good designed. QW 12oclock. Golem 9oclock and then Mass Valkyries with a jump on 10/11oclock. They will run straight into the mid cause the queen bait them. Easy 3 Star

    #2 Dont know why it is a Anti Gowipe Base, but thats a really really bad base. Such an open big core is easy to destroy by the most Units.

    #3 Not really Anti LaLoon. the Queen is near to 2 ADīs, would be easy to get them with the KS. The rest of the Base will be destroyed with just 2 AD left and the new Lava Hound

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