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Thread: Changing Neighborhood Join Requirements..

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    Exclamation Changing Neighborhood Join Requirements..

    If a hood is set to allow anyone to join, and the leader changes it to require an application, will that cause issues with any previous members who already joined under the previous settings? I would guess not, but I would like to make sure before changes are made and risk losing members in the middle of a derby. I only ask because we have a couple troublesome members that just keep joining after being kicked.

    Thank you in advance.

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    No it will not it doesn't pertain to members already in the hood only the ones that want to join the hood

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    If you have people re-joining the NH after being kicked out, I would think that the best and easiest way to fix that issue would be to change the NH to Invite Only. Apparently, even Request to Join isn't as safe, since some people change their farm names and/or farm layout to try to disguise themselves.

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