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    WRong Derby League Showing

    Last week our NH was In the champions league where we have been for several months and actually won Gold.

    TOday I notice we have been demoted right the way to Rookie League, which surely must be a bug.

    ANyone else have this problem?

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    I have just experienced the same thing, but my others in my NH are still showing Champions League. I'm the only one in my NH that's in Rookie's mutiny, lol.

    When I opened derby building this morning, I got a pop up saying "You have been demoted to rookie league", which was weird considering we were in champions. My horse is standing on rookie platform.
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    First of all I suggest (another!?) full close down & restart.

    If that doesn’t work then you’ll need to report it in game.

    I look forward to seeing what possible excuse ‘Help & Support’ can come up with for that!

    I suggest you take screen shots of

    - your NH List of Members.
    - your status (NH House maybe)
    - a couple of theirs (their NH house with a different flag)

    Explain it in the least complicated way you can.

    Then cross your fingers.

    It MIGHT all come right on it’s own when the Derby starts.

    Good luck.
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    I posted about this in another thread this morning o this forum. Support said send a picture as they don’t see the problem. All three of my farms dropped to green from champions league. Two corrected themselves within minutes. Third farm still showing green. Support must be color blind.
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    Hello. My hood has been demoted to novice too. We were in champions league at the end of last derby. Everything was initially fine then suddenly we were dropped from the leaderboard. We have reported via in game support along with screenshots showing our correct derby scores as well as league as proofs. But support only gave standard reply asking for same screenshots that I have already sent. Makes one wonder if they even look at them.

    Now derby has started we only have 5 available tasks. But the banner on our hood house still shows purple champions banner. And support is silent, no reply.

    Can hayday pls fix this? So disappointing.

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    I don't understand why support is questioning the validity of these reports. The same thing happened to MANY farms and entire neighborhoods such as mine after the last major update. Clearly the issue hasn't been completely resolved.

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    This is an older thread that was bumped. I'm going to close it up to tidy up a bit.
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