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Thread: The Snow Fort - Anti-3 Custom War Base with Extensive Logs

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    The Snow Fort - Anti-3 Custom War Base with Extensive Logs


    Howdy folks, this is Snow over in Level5 (#2JC2CQPP). Back in early 2016 I designed a TH9 called the Snow Fort. It exceeded my expectations and produced over 30 successful defends (0-2 star attack results) in random war matchups vs other TH9s before another TH9 was able to 3 star it (that is on page 7 of this thread).

    The design at this point (Q1 2018) is certainly dated (out of meta), but the concepts of the base are still practical to use in base design for TH9. Below is a speed build and brief explanations for the various aspects of the design. I hope this helps you as you modify this base or create a new one while utilizing some of the tactics that the Snow Fort utilizes.

    Speed Build
    *Please note - I didn't throw upgraded walls in the interior of the base for the speed build, but in your final version to use in game you should place upgraded walls throughout the interior before using them as exterior walls. This helps slow down troop progression and often will result in attacks running out of time.

    UPDATE July 17
    Thanks for all the support and views everyone. Evidently the traffic exceeded the terms on my free image hosting for this thread. So Iíve reduced it to the speed build and brief descriptions.

    In the sections below Iíve broken down some of the concepts built into the overall design, Iíve also posted screen grabs of numerous attempts that have been made on the base and thrown in a few other goodies for you to enjoy!

    Base Design Concepts

    Open Core
    Open cores allow you to control the flow of troops as they move through your base. Knowing predictive pathing patterns gives you the opportunity to concentrate higher DPS along the routes that you desire the troops to travel. It also creates a higher probability that the attacking troops will trigger all of your traps reducing the attackers odds of success in defeating your base. If your traps didnít go off, you have a design flaw in the layout. You always want all your traps to go off - each trap ideally taking out a few troops. Letís talk about those traps for a minute.

    Tesla Farm / Kill Box
    Tesla farms are a great defensive feature because they produce enough damage per second to kill hogs, even when they are under a heal. The tesla placement on Snow Fort is close enough in proximity that they can all target the same troop, but they are in three separate compartments which extends the time they have since ground troops canít clear three compartments simultaneously. If a tesla farm is crammed into one compartment it is easy to send in a golem and a few valks under a rage and suddenly all your teslas are rubble.

    Small Bombs
    One of the most effective uses for single small bombs is to place them outside the walls of your base where attackers are most likely to attempt the breach. On the Snow Fort the small bombs are located outside the TH compartment and the AQ Island. If placed one space away from the wall a single small bomb has time to detonate and can take out several wall breakers before they damage your walls. This can screw up an attack quickly and cause the attacker to burn through extra troops. Everyone hates wall breaker fails, on the other hand, when you are the one causing them it is the best feeling in the world. Little things like this really make me smile.

    Giant Bombs
    I know there is some debate as to whether double giant bombs in the core are effective or not. In my experience and in the 25+ screenshots below I can tell you that I have found them to still be very helpful - especially wedged between two of the teslas in the tesla farm / kill box. Having them detonate on troops while they are getting zapped really takes the wind out of an attack. They are a nice add to the kill box in my opinion, but feel free to move them around if you think you have a better location in playing with the primary path through base.

    Spring Trap Locations
    Iím honestly still playing with areas to place spring traps. My initial thinking was hogs, but Iíve shifted to thinking more about Valkyries. This is the one area Iíll likely continue to adjust as I continue to watch attacks on my base. All things considered though, they have been working, I just think they could be refined further.

    Compartment Spacing and Point Defense Distribution
    Switching from traps to standard defenses, one of the strengths of this base is the compartment design and point defense distribution. The outer compartments of your base should be at least 7 tiles deep between walls so that you can mix point defenses on the first and second lines of defense (against back wall). Setting up defenses in this way discourages surgical hogs and queen walks. When all point defenses are along the outer wall it makes the base very susceptible to those attacks. Queen walks require time to develop. The layout on all sides of the Snow Fort should make people think twice about using a Queen walk since they will not get many point defenses.

    Archer Queen Island
    Take care of your AQ and she will take care of you. The AQ Island is designed to be difficult to breach with wall breakers. It is also difficult to get your troops to target her. She has the range to shoot beyond the outer walls, but there are no offensive troops that are able to target her unless they get inside. The one troop that is used to often take out a deep set AQ is a dragon or a pair of dragons. The Air Defense, Tesla, Archer Tower and X-Bow on the AQ Island provide great support for her and the kill box in the core.

    In the close to 30 wars Iíve used this base I have become convinced that walls do matter. Iíve seen a number of attacks that ran out of time because the troops get stuck beating on the inner walls trying to reach the next compartment, or they die while beating on the walls because the defenses have time to take them out. My recommendation with the Snow Fort is to place your upgraded walls through the interior of the base so that the attacker is forced to spend either time or spells getting through them.

    Unlurable CC
    Goal is to force attacker to use more troop space to mitigate the CC troops than what they would if you were to give them an easy lure with an anchor point to pull them out. By forcing them to push into the base they need to commit to a side and have both defenses and CC troops attack them as they move into the base.

    On a side note, I have found that there are a few troop combinations that seem to offer good defensive support. Try these out and see which combination you prefer. (Baby Dragons are also great to add it)

    • Witch, 2 Valks, & Minion (very strong v ground, but weak against air)
    • Witch, Valk, Wizard, 2 Minions, 2 Archers (more balanced, still weaker against air)
    • Dragon, Loon, Wizard, Archer (Great all around balance, but not as many targets to distract incoming troops)

    I'd love to hear how the Snow Fort is working for you if you'd like to try it out. We've had some of our other TH9s try it in Level5 and they are having success with lower level heroes as well.

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