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Thread: Th9 needs active donating clan *idc about war*

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    Th9 needs active donating clan *idc about war*

    I'm looking for just a clan to be active and have fun with. Maybe one day I'll start doing wars.
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    Hello Hatta, I’m Mason from the Centum Group forum team.

    Looking over your thread, I feel you would fit perfectly into Centum.

    A little about us, we are a family of 10 clans, each with different purpose, designed to maximise your potential in war and farming. We are an adults only, 100% fairplay clan. We don’t tolerate modders or cheating of any fashion in our clan. We have clans that specialize in war, along with clans that specialize in farming. We also have relaxed clans where you play the game how you want to play it. If you want to war, opt in. If you don't, simply opt out.

    If you are interested in applying please visit our main forum recruitment thread HERE.

    I hope to hear from you soon.


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    Lvl 5 clan relaxed and here to have fun


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