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Thread: Offense over defense TH8.5 looking for a clan.

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    Offense over defense TH8.5 looking for a clan.

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    I sent you a PM.

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    You had me at offense over defense.

    We war constantly, we're active, and we have some other .5s in the clan. Come check us out, see what you think.

    Veni Vidi Vici

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    Hey we may have the answer for you.

    We Brothers United are a close family with many multiple accounts, we use clashcaller in war and use the chat app Band for communication. We're a war focused clan and trophy push when we can for fun. We're mostly townhall 10-8 members and have some very good members in war.

    More info about the clan:
    108 Wins
    36 biggest win streak
    30 perfect wars
    42-8 in the last 50 wars
    clashcaller required
    Band app required
    YouTube channel TB2-Entertainment
    English speaking
    Arranged wars

    The will be promotions so plenty of opportunity to show your skills.

    Brothers United Level 7 108 wins #PQ2QG98C

    If you wish to join please say "From the forums" on the invite

    Brothers United War Clan Level 9 165 Wins #PQ2QG98C
    Looking for TH 10-8 3* specialist wanted

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    WichitA (#20RJ29PL) has Level 9 perks and 167 clan war wins!

    Wichita has a BLACK shield with a YELLOW letter V= Victory(Clan Tag: #20RJ29PL)

    WichitA has been going strong for well over 14 months+ ( Est. Feb 21,2015) and we have the warring record to prove it!

    WichitA is actively recruiting WELL DEVELOPED TH8s, TH9s, TH10s and TH11s—we are a United States Clan.


    • Are highly-active, DRAMA free adults (19+ only, sorry kiddos)
    • Are coachable (bad war attacks happen, we'll help coach you up into a 3-star machine, but you can't have a big ego or this WON'T WORK!).
    • HATE 2-star CW attacks—it's 3-star or bust here (failure is tolerated, complacency is NOT).
    • NEVER MOD—ALL our war wins are done honestly and in the spirit of good sportsmanship, we don't game the system and we don't accept players who do.
    • NEVER WAR FOR LOOT—ALL attacks are done to improve our overall team score no matter if we're up by 100 stars or down by 100 stars.

    You've warred with the rest, now WAR WITH THE BEST!
    What are you waiting for, Chief? Apply to join WichitA today!

    Don't wait any longer. Apply to join WichitA and tell em' Mu0i sent you from the forums.
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    Beach Ba11s (not Ls but 1s), a adult clan lvl 7 (almost lvl 8) is looking for TH7, Th8, TH9 and Th10.

    You don't have to be a expert in war. We can help you with that. We have some very good 3 star attack players.

    We stay organised and follow the rules. This leads to a fun environment where everyone can take the fully fun of Clash Of Clans. We also expect that from you.

    We use an app called "Band" to communicate outside coc. And also to ask advise for war.
    We have our war rules posted there. We also use clashcaller for calling a base.

    We can cook a specific troop for donation. Im a max TH9. Im donating max troops throughout the whole day.
    You will have to be a adult to join our clan.

    To prevent any spy come in our clan, we have a code that you should put in the request to join. The code is "FayaBlo Forums"
    Our motto is "rules are never meant to be broken"

    We hope to see you soon so we can break our own war streak record.

    (Clan tag is #PGQC8QJV)

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    Immortal Legacy is a clan that is serious about war. We war two times a week; starting Sunday & Wednesday.
    We are by nature are a farming clan. We don't mind that you are a Town Hall 7, but we don't expect you to stay there.

    **Under new leadership and going back to basics**


    Clan Perks Level: 5
    Clan Tag: #PRJC9PYG
    War Frequency: Twice a week.
    Currently have 13 members ranging from L 33 - 119

    We are not looking for the best of the best. We want active players and if you are active, eventually you will be TH8, 9, 10 and one day 11. We want loyalty and want you to grow with us.

    We war twice a week with search starting on Sunday & Wednesday around 8/9 pm est. Just because we only war two times a week doesn't mean we don't take it seriously. We strategize, communicate, and expect everyone to use both war attacks. Our goal is to win every war, but if we lose we become stronger from the lessons learned. If you are not able to use attacks in war please opt out until you are ready.

    We are active and keep the clan active by booting all non-participating players. We realize this is a game and that everyone has a life outside of COC and things happen sometime too. Donations are expected to be given and taken.


    Elder is earned over time and by being loyal/ Co-leader: time, loyalty,& trust.
    Use both attacks in war.
    Keep donations & request close as possible.


    Apply in game today! Just say you read LRodd's post on the forums.

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    sent you a PM.
    Forum thread: The Goodfellas #PPU98CGU

    How to join us: Click Here!

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    I like it. We have several 8.5 guys now looking for more. If you feel you are a good fit stop in.

    Awesome Yankees is an organized level 9 clan made up of a solid core, and have been a clan for quite some time for the most part. We have the same 20 or so original members with some odds and ends that make up the rest of the bunch. We use clanwartracker for callouts and stats) and use BAND app for communication where needed (not mandatory). We use this to talk strats and post tutorial videos from OneHive or Powerbang and also put Internet bases on file for future scout references to help those who may be struggling. Most of us are located in the U.S.A, but have a few members in other places around the world. We are an active clan that like to have fun, joke with each other, and win war.

    We war back to back, and only take a day off of war when the searches are starting too late at night. Opt outs are fine if you are upgrading something that will affect your attack (such as AQ or Spell Factory), or you have RL things to deal with. Our war CC donations are whatever you request on the map, and is spread out amongst those happy to donate. Callouts are good for 12hrs and you must respect the callouts made. We also try to get all TH8 attacks completed early on so the upper tier players can plan accordingly in cleaning up any lower end stars. We are pretty flexible in who attacks who as we stress to try a 3 star attack on your first attack. We do not force mirror attacks.

    Troop Requests:
    We are an active clan, so non war requests are usually met in minutes. Most common donations are archers/wizards or loons/minions, but most of us will cook up whatever you are looking for as long as you are willing to return the favor. More than half of our clan will have total donations of over 1k troops per season, with a few members getting above 5k. During war, get any troop you request.

    General Rules:
    -No drama queens (which we have zero)
    -Be active, you don't have to be a chatterbox, but speak up once in a while in chat so we know you're alive
    -Use both attacks in war, and work as a team during cleanup attacks
    -Attack using 3 star strategies...
    -Use anti-3 base setups for wars...not Internet copy/paste bases
    -Have a general idea of how to attack in war for your lvl, and learn from your, and others mistakes (we all make them)
    -All members are encouraged to join our BAND group although it's not mandatory as mentioned above...

    Who We Are Looking For:
    We are looking for non rushed, TH8's(must have lvl3 drags and max rage) and above. Must be active, have some war experience, and know how to attack in war for your lvl. We are big believers in upgrading your offense over your defense so you are more viable in wars. We dont want guys with TH8 troops and maxed xbows. Be willing to take or give advice, and have fun playing the game because after is a game. And no, you do not have to be a Yankee's fan, or even a baseball fan. Just be prepared to have fun.

    If we sound like what you are looking for, apply in game with mention of the forum post or my IGN Rhino4Life

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    I sent you a PM
    Co-leader AT-

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