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Thread: Jovial Ville - where the Joy is Vital

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    Wink Jovial Ville

    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Hood's Tag No.: #2QR8URPL

    Hall of Trophies: 140 Gold, 48 Silver and 24 Bronze

    Minimum Farm Level Required: L80

    No. of Tasks: 10 or 19 for Power Derby (for fairness, not because we are hardcore or obssessive) regardless whether or not we are far ahead of our competitors or no chance of getting Top 3. Extra task is a must if you opt-in except for Chill Derby*.

    [*To note: wef 1 Jul 2020, extra task during Chill Derby is optional. Reason: Chill Derby is meant for relaxation and not competing with each other, so yah, chill which this Chill Derby is meant to be]

    Task Points: 320 or 400

    Language: English only (Must be able to communicate fluently)

    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Whatever written in this recruitment page are pretty much close to the culture we have in the hood. It would be good to read with understanding so that we could manage our own expectation and avoid creating unnecessary drama later. Drop me a message via Facebook (FB) Messenger if you have anything to clarify and I'll reply them as soon as im available.

    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Most of us have played with each other for more than 3 months and a handful for as long as more than 3 years. While we love to win, we too, enjoy the camaraderie of our hood that bound us together through the chaos over the course of the game.

    We are hoping to find more like-minded players who are:

    Team Players say it all about Communication and Helping each other grow their farms. We help each other in our own unique ways and we aren't calculative over how much help we receive from or give to each other. We should not be defensive and too sensitive for any inputs/ideas. We aren't attacking, we are giving inputs so that we can do better as a team in this game.

    Active, Committed, Competitive and Experienced - We aim for Extra Prizes by placing Top 3 weekly, chasing after 3 cutie bunnies and catching animals from the VALLEY. We aim for 3 Bingo Lines to get hoodies who have yet to achieve Bingo Bonanza Achievement too!

    Forgiving and Understanding - We know it can be disheartening when we couldn't get gold/top 3 continuously when different hoodies make mistakes on different weeks. However, if you keep on disappointing and failing the team, it's fair that you look for other hood that suits your play.

    Friendly and Polite. We do say please and thank you but please pardon us for not saying thank you for every single help we receive as we pay back with our deeds, not necessarily with words only. Since we've been together as a team for a while, it seems naturally we know each others' personalities a little bit and we know when someone is thankful.

    Chattiness - Ideally, 24/7. We love the social element of HayDay but we don't expect each other to be a constant chatterer because we know this is simply not realistic. We live in a noise-filled world where every second of the day is scheduled with an activity to be done. We face a lot of responsibilities in our day-to-day lives that it has become a challenge to find time for a little peace and quiet for ourselves. Embracing this much needed downtime for a rest of our mind through playing quietly in hay day can be essential for some of us. The quietness could be most felt between Friday and Monday when many of us would have already completed our tasks and wish to spend time with our families and friends. So, when it does get quieter during those days, you can always initiate casual chat with anyone online to break the silence.

    FB Messenger - Wef 6 Oct 2019, we'll use it as our communication app for out-of-farm discussion on game strategies, sharing task notifications, seeking help for derby tasks when needed, internal trading of expansion tools etc. If privacy is a concern, simply create a dummy fb account for this gaming purpose which some of us did.

    Derby Strategy - . We must be able to adapt to play derby. If we see other hoods are fast, we will have to speed it up a bit (i.e., avoid taking long tasks if you can and we don't do just mining and help tasks, that's no fun!). Working and helping together is more fun. Winning a few extra items at the top three is just a bonus for having the fun!

    For Blossom derby, stacking of products and townies are absolutely necessary and important to us. If you couldn't stack products and townies during blossom derby due to whatever reason you may have, you are expected to opt out.

    Diamonds spending - Not required except for the extra tasks if you opt in. If you wish to spam on turning the task board (while I strongly discourage anyone to, I wont stop either), it's your diamonds, you decide how you want to use them for the team BUT please dont get upset when someone takes the task while you are trashing. If you have issue seeing other players using their diamonds on anything/however they like in the game - task board, tom etc, then we arent suitable for you.

    Donation via Birdhouse - No restriction. You may donate whatever you can and request for whatever you need (even if you dont require anything, you could still put up request for crops which would help your fellow mates to achieve their generous neighbour achievement sooner).

    Scroungers, Moochers, Shirkers, Drama Divas, Drama llamas, Whiners, Toxic People, Gaslighter, Overly Intense players, players who refuse to communicate, players who are not able to complete tasks in a habitual manner, or not active or not helping after joining, will be removed instantly without warning or exception.

    You'll be promoted to Elder upon joining and will be promoted to co-leader once you have proven yourself as a strong and trustworthy player.

    We are all looking for something away from our hectic real world. No one should feel stressed out playing a game. If you wish to join us, you have an essential role in making Jovial Ville a nice, fun & chill home for everyone.

    Text me via fb messenger for a chat to see whether we are a good match before I'll send you an invitation to join Jovial Ville.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    MAGIC [Level 222 (#2yyjjcqc8)]
    Leader/Founder of Jovial Ville
    FB Messenger: Sharile Tan
    Style Book: 21/21 on 24 Jun 2019
    Gold Trophies: 100th on 8 Jul 2019
    Farm Level: 200 on 5 Oct 2019/222 on 4 Oct 2020
    Collection Book: 233/233 on 21 Oct 2019
    Barn Size: 10,000 on 24 Jun 2020
    Santuary Animal Book: 16/16 on 29 Aug 2020
    Achievement: 150/150 on 13 Sep 2020
    Fishing Book: 163/172
    Plots of land left: 11
    Wheating Lover Hay Day Kitchen
    Custom Decoration: 24 Aug, 31 Aug & 5 Oct 2020
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    Come give us a shot!

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    Come on over and try us out!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharile View Post
    I'll lower the entry level now
    Wath kind of logo do u have ?

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    This is our new logo...❤❤❤
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    Thank you for your reply, I'll think about it. I'll wait till Monday, first finish my derby tasks.

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    Let's hear what our current and ex-hoodies said how they feel & felt about their experiences in Jovial Ville:

    About The Team & General Matters

    "Greetings all, I hope everyone had a great holiday. I have enjoyed playing with all of you very much and i think of the many neighborhoods i have played with over the last 5 years Jovial Ville is the best and so is Sharile Magic. I have decided to take a sabbatical from Hayday so i will miss all of you. Good luck and best wishes for a happy New Year"

    "An interesting piece of information. I have missed an entire week of conversation here, and it is a wonderful read in teamwork. You guys are really the best. It's even fun to read the confusion and watch how it gets sorted out. I wish the entire world worked the way this team does! Good job guys✨✨✨"

    "It's a team effort. Everyone is so cooperative this week. This is a great hoodie. Now y'all see what I meant last week about being able to adapt to play derby. We don't do just mining and help tasks, right? That's no fun! Working and helping together is more fun. Winning a few extra items as the top three is just a bonus for having fun! ��"

    "Likewise, I also saw how everyone is helping each other in finishing up the truck orders! I think that means something, no? This really shows how great this hood is!"

    "I'll repeat what I've said before. I'm proud to be part of the best nh I've ever been in. What a great team! And Sharile's leadership is just the best."

    "Sharile, what can I say, I am so delighted to be here. It is a pleasure to get to know someone who looks at the world and you the same way. And on top of it you put up with all my idiosyncratic behaviors����❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️"

    "I love JV. I think we are doing it right, guys! We have great farmers to help around, awesome coleaders to guide us, and a knowledgeable and unselfish leader to lead and make sure that everything is going smoothly. I'm staying!"

    "Yes i like it here coz I learned something and you all want to win."

    "We have a nice mix of quickies, take their time, and wait until the end. It works"

    "I like things just the way they are. I dont care about our ranking and recruiting. We have a great, cooperative, friendly hood. It's fun now!"

    "I love working with my team. We try our best and work together. There is no condemnation when one makes a mistake like taking a low task by mistake. I love the humor we share. Yes, I want gold and great prizes. Not willing to give up the friendly helpful atmosphere we have to become a gold at any price hood."

    "Don't like this (special summer) derby but i love this hood...the kind competent stable reasonable and friendly leader...people not fighting and helping each one making a fuss if someone makes a mistake...everyone is kind."♥

    "I really like HD and the derby, it's a great stress reliever for me. The best part of derby and being in a neighborhood is working together and helping each other, as much as each is able, towards the common goal (winning). I would much rather have the great teamwork we have than the demands of a "nothing but gold matters" hood. JV has 59 golds and counting because of how everyone works together."

    "It is such an amazing group. Everyone is friendly and fun and so helpful �� and Sharile is an amazing leader too, so caring and on top of everything."

    "Sharile is a very good leader. I was in a community for years and never heard from that leader ever. I have learned so much from this community."

    "I am missing this (blossom) derby but like how organized and liked the team work."

    "Wish I’d have found you sooner I am happy here you guys motivate me to play...Thank you for welcoming me and letting me be a part of your hood you guys are all amazing."

    "It’s been an honor to join your hood’s the most enjoyable hood for me so far...and thank you very very much for your hospitality for me"

    "I just want to thank you magic for all your hard work and dedication to making a smooth running hood. it's definitely a refreshing chance to be in a hood where everyone helps each other. Glad I found this hood"

    "I tried so many hood, jv is the best hood!"

    "Bye y'all. It's been really great playing with y'all but I don't have the extra time I would need to be a good team player and participate. Really this is the best hood I've been in and I wish you well. @Sharile You are an amazing leader. Good luck ��"

    "I am so excited to be part of this hood. What a great way (KIK) to get to know one another. I am amazed at how quickly everyone has responded to my questions."

    "I loved it! It was very relaxed, non stressful and everyone was super friendly and helpful. Honestly I really like the hood! It's nice to enjoy derby and play with fun & kind people."

    "Your hood is filled with lovely and very nice hoodies �� , i'm enjoying ��"

    "The game is fun with you guy. I like how we strive for something. Some hood i have been before they dont really try hard."

    "Nice to see team working together and having strong leadership."

    "I'm enjoying it very much, it's a great team and you lead it very well, I'm very pleased with everything♥"

    "I am enjoying being part of the hood."

    "I really like our hood. Nice group of people."

    "It's a great NH with great friends and we have a lot of fun!"

    "I'm having a blast with this group. I do not want to disappoint!!!!"

    "I felt like you all were pretty organized and weren't just looking to fill spots. I like how you all use Kik and not FB messenger."

    "At first i didnt like JV as much because of first impression. I was thinking that you guys were gonna be boring but as soon as i left i was thinking about it, lets give it one more try because i didn't really. I'm glad i took that try because i wouldn't be here at this amazing hood now. Completely different way of me thinking about it. It made me happy how well organised everything is...the best NH on hayday♥"

    "All the hoods I joined till now, this hood is superb! Thanks to all members who make this hood up to this level!"

    "This truly is the greatest neighborhood, and I am proud to be a part of it."

    "Thank You for being a super leader and friend. I came into the hood almost 6 months ago with a while lotta trust issues and afraid to befriend anyone else again in the game. Thank you for showing me not everyone is like that and restoring my faith that you can make friends in a game no matter the distance that won't back stab you ❤... Happy Thanksgiving to you."

    "I think i became addicted to the game after i joined your neighbourhood. Seeing the peeps enjoying the game and helping each other out makes me wanna play more and try to contribute."

    "Never thought i would say this but I have found my home - JV"

    "Derby in my old NHs were completely different, they did things independently...I appreciate everyone's help, hopefully I'll figure out how to do these derbies now that I'm in this neighborhood."

    "Everyone is so friendly and helpful ... i was a bit slow to ask for help i think but thats just because im not used to such a good NH."

    "The hoods i have been during the past have not been like in JV where everyone helps each other. I always felt i was playing solo, with little help, no communication...This is going to be a welcomed change."

    "It's true, I've learned a lot about the derby since I've moved to this hood and that was only like 2 or 3 weeks ago."

    "I didn't feel any pressure like there was in the other hoods."

    "I like how many players try to help each other...not just 1 or 2. ��"

    "We have a pretty reliable group."

    "Love the training. I have learned so much from you and other hoodies too."

    "In less than 2 months, I have moved up from level 39 to 51. I couldn't have done it without you gals/guys!"

    "The promotion change is a really good idea. It helps motivate people. Gives everyone something to work towards."

    "Magic, I can't give this team anymore of my time because I have so many things on my plate, so i'm leaving so u can get someone better. I only lasted this long because of you. You gave me a great opportunity. I've never lasted this long in a nh before. Thank you."

    "I'm quitting HD. I need to be off the game for some time. But, if I ever come back to HD, I will come to Jovial Ville."

    "i have been busy with projects at work and i won't have much time for hd. i'll tentatively leave jv. this is the best hood i ever been and I WILL BE BACK ������"

    "I've been rather busy lately and don't have much time to log on. Please feel free to go ahead and remove me to make space for another active player. I'll send you a request whenever I have time again. It's been fun playing with you. Thank you as well for everything in the last 2 years...And you my beacon of inspirations as are my dear leader and this is the only hood I'll ever consider."

    "i dont think i can play anymore. I thought i can play sometime but no. Too many stuff going on from now for me. You have such great hood. Everyone so passion about the game and that what i like. I know the hood will continue to do great. Sorry to say good bye ��.. next year if i come back to play game, i will request to join the hood again. For now , take care ��"

    "It is with a heavy heart that this will be my last derby with jv. With much going on in my life each week gets harder for me to complete tasks and I need to take a lengthy break. You are the best leader ever, and you care about the players, and that’s what makes it so special, and you so special. Be proud of what you have built you deserve it magic."♥

    About The Leader

    "That’s why I joined. I read the comments and thought I’d check you out myself. You are very thorough that’s for sure and I’ve never met any leader in my 3 years playing who cared this much about their team mates. . It is refreshing to see. I love the fact you put so much effort into making sure everyone is happy in your hood. You’re by far the most dedicated leader I’ve come across."

    "I love it. This is such a dynamic neighbourhoods and you exercise good judgement managing it. ��"

    "All are very supportive...Best neighbourhood...U inspire us to do more n better - A True Leader! ��"

    "Leadership actually leads, no cliques that I can see. Everyone feels supported."

    "You are an excellent leader. Great support. Really appreciate you."

    "You want to give everyone a chance and that's why everyone loves having you as a leader you are fair and understanding."

    "You handle things very well with grace and dignity. If it was several people saying the same thing, than reevaluating is the best thing but if only one then simply asking yourself why only one is worried, what type of player are they, is the grievance warranted or just whiny.... Etc. You're so wonderful to always try to calm their fears and concerns."

    "One thing I can say completely honestly is that my observation has been that you are very well respected as a leader because you are fair and you care about your members. Nobody has anything negative to say about you, ever."

    "Yes, in 3 weeks of knowing u, i grew to have a lot of respect for u...U r totally dedicated to the hood but also a rarity as a person if i can say so in short time of seeing how u react here on the game...U take care of them...U have a nice word for everyone...And u r not stingy to share it with them...U r fair and very reasonable, very mature, calm and stable...And u have an excellent sense of humour ��...Sharile, leaders like u r very very rare...mark my words...I simply love u as my leader. I think u r the best of them all seriously."

    "A true leader is all I can say. A real one. I haven’t been in that long but been with other hoods and see this as home and magic my mamma♥♥it flows smooth with no drama or complications as long as we all do our part with love still when we mess up and a spanking when we need it♥(so I’ve heard about the spanking part♥"

    "So, I've been to several hood, fewer than 10 though. So far, what has made me stay with JV is the sense of belonging that Magic has given us. It is true that this is her hood, she leads us, but she's never untouchable. She asks for opinions, inputs, and criticisms to improve everyone's experience in playing in this hood. She can be bossy and annoying (����), but at the end of the day, she really cares about our fun experience playing HD. This is not just her hood. This is our hood. We play together, whether you're a seriously crazy player who doesn't sleep (you know who you are!) or like me, who just play when husband isn't looking (��), but we play, and we like to win! Mistakes happen, but we move on. We are just that cool! ��"

    "Great Hood and Magic is the best leader i have had in the 10+ hoods i have been in over the last 6+ years. She is wise beyond her years ❤️"

    "I like the way magic brings different aspects of play, allows co leaders to help and have a say and keeps game play fresh."

    "Look at all the discussion this (power) derby has created! This is the best neighborhood ever and if we get stressed and have to dissect every action, can you imagine what is going on in some of the other neighborhoods? One way to look at this as we are very lucky, magic has given us a wonderful structural foundation!"

    "Magic has done a terrific job, I cannot imagine coordinating this many moving parts of the team."

    "Sharile doesn't need any confirmation from us. You can tell how good of a leader is from how long most members stay in the same hood. ❤ #longliveMagic"

    "After my real life friends nh, I joined this hood. She accepted me even with my past name ('Cheater'). This is my second hood ever in hayday and it will be my last hood. Whenever I come back , i never see my farm with any other goods. I had stayed together with her and hood for a very long time. We had our fun as well as dark period. What I like about her is that she always try to listen to all and solve problem."

    "I have a life, this game is fun but not my life. You have never micromanaged. You are kind and translate thoughts well without being demanding. And you never act like it's all about you. Told you this is home and I love it ����. Only left first time bc of chaos at work. I would've reached out to you on kik when able to actively play again but never thought to. You know most hoods won't take people back. I'm so happy to be back!"

    "Wow you made this (guide) very easy to follow and it all sounds very fair! You’re very good at this ��... And, you’re by far the nicest person I’ve met through hayday yet♥"

    "You are a good leader Magic. You aren't overbearing, yet keep the team in order. It's a thin line to walk, not many do it right."

    "Not easy being a leader. Obviously a very conscientious one. Keeping the NH fun and kind."

    "Sharile is the best and the most amazing leader!!! Kind, just, wise, generous and with a great sense of humor ������"

    "You are a great leader. You are the heart of the hood."

    "You are like superwoman when it comes to hay day!"

    "U r really the best leader ever ������"

    "Thank you best leader ever!!!!!!!!!"

    "U r the best leader I've had since hoods ever started"

    "I really love u as a leader. And this is why. U really listen to people and you dont forget what they say to you. U make time for every1. And really wanna make me a better player. Its true i bet every1 would say that to you...Like yesterday u waited how me and ryan would deal with the newbie. We maded fun out of it. But u did it to let us learn."

    "I see what you do but don't know how. Like someone who always did quick easy tasks is suddenly taking some tougher ones. You are GOOD������"

    "You do a great job managing the hood. The people here respect your decisions and the time you put in. You take in everyone's opinion and still make your own decision."

    "Magic I like the way you assess and handle the situation. You have an admirable leadership skills that I wish every NH leaders should possess �� I am also glad you’re unbiased knowing I am raising a concern about one of your old members and I am just a newbie�� hehe don’t worry I will approach you whenever there is something I think that can help or improve our hood��"

    "Magic, As I have said from when I first met you, you are a terrific leader... when your team loses perspective you were able to give it back to them! That is a talent."

    "Yeppers ��. I for one appreciate and notice ALL you do whether your in derby or not to keep our headaches and frustration to a minimum. LOL....i mean for me personally.... Life is too short for a game to control my emotionally health."

    "Thanks a bunch for explanation and understand my views too. You are the best leader in my hayday life. Tyvm again."

    "You're much similar characteristics like Cao Cao, with competencies, ambition, generals, resources, and his own empire from zero with nothing...treat his officers like family."

    "I appreciate all you have done. You are by far the best leader I have ever had the pleasure of farming with so I am glad that I am able to do this for you."

    "You have definitely made me feel secure and comfortable. You make me want to be here. Even if my old NH invited me back I wouldn't be truly happy."

    "You do an excellent job of keeping the chatter clean and healthy. No back biting."

    "Based on my knowledge of you and your leadership style, you phrase things very well without making people feel like they are at fault. "

    "Magic, I like playing and I enjoyed playing with you before...I was watching for someone to leave so I could jump in...I'll be a good farmer for magic."

    "Sharile, I notice you always remember members' date of joining and even their birthdays. that's so hard-core. I see what u meant when u said it is not because of the game that keeps u playing. great job!"

    "Since i joined, i unlocked 3 fishing spot and my barn and silo was upgraded also i think 3 times"

    "Magic, I really want to appreciate you that you have taught me so many things about hay day that I never knew and I knew it was painful for u to keep on telling me to be more active and keep my machines running and now for summer vacation I am really active after my sister, dad and I are done picking rocks for the day. so thank you."

    "I had no idea that one (visitor) always asks for products. How long have I been playing and didn’t know?! �� thanks for the tip! Your sharing of tips helps to make everyone stronger. You’re a good leader. I’ve been impressed with the team. I’m glad we joined"

    "Magic you have me spoiled already lol. I actually had to look to see who NOT to pick up for my train task lol. Usually i just look at my message that says "please don't pick up this one or that one etc they may be needed to finish a task" haha. I wanted to avoid picking up essential buildings or peeps because general train people are easy but i know specific buildings and peeps are hard to come by. ����. Didn't realize until now, how spoiled i had become to that simple help."

    "Thanks to you, Magic, i have some confidence to do derby now."

    "You are a great team leader, Magic. You always look for ways to help the team improve."
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    I am curious what is Kik?

    - Kik is required as that is where we post Derby strategies and sharing of tips

    Kik: MagicHayDay
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    Is there any chance that there is an opening soon? I'm a level 45 player

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    I am lvl 37 .

    Will do all 310+ / 9 Tasks.

    Can i join?

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