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Thread: Jovial Ville - where the Joy is Vital

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    What if I just hit Lv 41? Could I still join? The neighborhood sounds nice, but I don't have kik. Hope I may still join :3

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    Would you consider taking a level 34? I level pretty fast and I play everyday. I had a level 70 farm but the iPad was lost in the Houston flood please let me know! I'm still getting used to the forum so I may not reply right away. Thank you!!

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    Ide join but I'm never getting Kik oh well

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    i am part of this NH

    Farm Name:
    Place Level: 140
    Barn Size: 5400 Silo Size:5150
    Achievements: 144/143
    TAG: 8GV022Y8V ,kik: gohelm1978

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    12 Jun 2017: JV got its 30th gold trophy in champion league!!!! yay!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharile View Post
    hi farmerollie, could u message me via kik at magichayday?
    Hi sharilli i did that now

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    Digging another tunnel in the data mine
    (Deleted at Sharile's request)
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    Various data posts: Who plays what? CWL data 1 (stars), 2 (3* rates), 3 (rosters), 4 (start times and other) Data at end of old Legends And (non-data) how max bases are ordered in war
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    Joined the hood and I am like
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    cfan AKA EllinasGaner
    Gimme a clan already :P
    KIK: cfan_greekfarm
    GroupMe: Soon™

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    Hi! I’m on level 44 and I would love to join if I could

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    Kiked you!
    Quote Originally Posted by Sharile View Post
    hi rocketship,
    could u kik me at magichayday?

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