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Thread: !!!!!! Fix the clan chat back to normal !!!!

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    There are so many complaints about the chat that I actually feel there may be something wrong with me. I don't have a problem at all... Am I too easy-going??

    Not even sarcasm...
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    i dont care about every other chat medium. i care about this one. and it has been this way since the start. the way that im not actually typing in the chat box itself , but moved to a seperate text box that scrolls across my entire screen from the bottom up means that i cannot even see the last chat entered that im responding to ... or as new chats are added to the scroll, i cant read other responses as i am typing my own response.

    the previous chat text box was in the chat column, not spread across the screen , and my keypad pops up from the bottom, so i could type and see the chat scroll down from the top.

    we are a war clan - and perhaps war mode is different for us, but when you are trying to close out a 30 v 30 war with lots of activity the chat just plain and simply stinks.

    add in all those ridiculous friendly requests and its bonkers.

    perhaps all the other chat mediums are wrong. and CoC has it right.

    revert it back top to bottom! it doesnt make sense just becasue its like a lot of games i dont play

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    Exclamation marks doesn't add to your rant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smolson View Post
    hmm... My phone usually autocorrects the terminology to how I want it. Probably because I used it a lot in regular texts with friends. It's been doing this with people's names too. Give it some time. I think you'll see it's better now than before.
    Agree. I'm already used to it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiler View Post
    I can understand a lot of that, but every other chat medium reads top to bottom, why should coc be different? Yeah, it's different, but it makes more sense this way
    Not true.

    Newest messages being at the top is not illogical or making less sense. Neither will make reading chat any easier.

    A timeline of messages can be presented in either way and as long as the interface it is intuitive, people will adjust. Problem is that we had already adjusted to the way it was before. So the question is, why?

    Reminds me of Microsoft removing the Start menu in Windows 8. We had people similarly defending it, claiming that tiles are "better". lol...

    If it isn't broken..why fix it? I know that we'll get used to it but it just seems like such an unnecessary nuisance..

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    The implementation of this change was really bad. When you open other chat programs or games with chat feature, the chat has an active box at the bottom to enter text. This pop up implementation is annoying. The only reason for it is so they could add the cc request button at the bottom. I think it is a poor decision. If you want to implement like other apps then do it. They actually have a usable interface. The COC version is rubbish.
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    This is the new normal. You will get used to it, I already have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cowbug View Post
    This is the new normal. You will get used to it, I already have.
    I will not get used to it. I use 3 other chat apps and play 2 other games with chat feature that follow the industry standard. Clash needs to fall in line with the industry.

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