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    Friendly Challenge Update - KNOWN ISSUES can be found here


    As usual, please let us know if you come across any issue or bug after the update! Please provide all the relevant details (as well as screenshots, if applicable).

    Thank you!

    Known issues:

    • War details not showing for War Spectators;
    • Miner in defense is not jumping through walls as intended. Instead, he stays put inside a compartment until he's free and can attack offensive troops;
    • Random app crashes - caused by receiving Friendly Request messages while in Matchmaking or moving from/to Village;
    • League badge not shown in Friends list;
    • Clone Spell located between Dark Elixir Spells in Player Profile;
    • Global chat issues (no proper scrolling to the latest message, wrong order of chat items if muting someone);
    • Edit mode: "move all" crash when removing obstacles that are blocking the village from being moved;

    Also, currently investigating cases where there's a discrepancy between live replays and final result.
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    haha, first, can't wait to try everything out!

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    no comment yet but just join the first page post hype
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    Will let you know after trying if any

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    When i m typing, the chat doesnt register any letters until i have submitted.

    P.S. nvm, i can see them now.
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    The game has crashed a couple of times. My thought is that possibly has something to do with scouting a challenge base and then leaving. Maybe the challenger went offline while I was scouting and this caused the issue? Just guessing here. Others in my clan have reported crashes as well.
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    Yo yo yo.......

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    Currently a clan war is going on and i am spectating my mates attck , it was going well untill it ended at 99%. there were more than enough troops and time but attack stopped at 99% which looked like my mate(attacker) just surrender. But when i exited from spectating mode and went to check stars on that base...viola !! it is 100%
    huh wut!!! even my other clan mate who was spectating experienced the same.. is it a bug???
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    Not sure if it's a bug or intended but as a war spectator I can not see any war details. Just the map

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    reserved for future post

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