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    Welcome to the Clash of Clans developer subforum

    Hi everyone,

    We have created this subforum specifically for those of you who are developing Clash of Clans apps, tools and websites

    We hope this new subforum will make your questions (and answers) easier to find, as well as feedback and suggestions related to the API!


    PS: this forum is indeed moderated and off-topic threads will be moved.

    Official Clash FAQs & Support --> click here

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    New thread!! Woo

    Can't wait to see many new ideas!!

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    New subform

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    Amazing! Thanks a lot @Supercell team!
    Hey Chief!
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    Thats brilliant!!!

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    Lightbulb Feature requests

    6 Requests / suggestions

    As a clan leader, I have written a website using the current API. Several features I added:
    - Player List ; who is in the clan and what League are they in
    - CW ready; who is entitled to join the CW, those who -- 1) .. are not new, 2) .. have the Green emblem, 3) .. does not have a TimeOut
    - CW planning; based on players' troop strength we sort the list for assigning appropriate target (manually)
    - Player strength: manually players change their profile on the site: troop levels, Clan Castle and Army Camp unit count.
    (please also have a look at; - beware it is in dutch )

    There is as you can imagine a lot of manual stuff going on here.
    Therefore I would like to recap my feature requests:

    1. Add the players' clanwar emblem to the player stats: Does a player want to participate in ClanWars. ( as a boolean:"ClanWars":"[true|false]" )

    2. Aswell (as another fellow developer mentioned) the ClanWar cooldown timer would be nice to have included.

    3. Player Troop stats showing level of their troops: e.g.
    [ "barbarian" : 3, "archer": 4, "giant": 4, ... etc. ]
    this information is available in-game already for everyone to see. I dont see any exploits possible

    4. Player Building stats showing level and amount: e.g.
    [ "townhall" : [ 6 ], "archer tower : [ 5, 5, 5, 6], "barracks": [ 3, 3, 4 ], "clan castle": [3] .... etc. ]
    Note: Traps are not listed. This list should provide only the details that are visible to the enemy, which is already available in-game.
    I dont see any possible exploits here.
    I would suggest to create an alternate API entry for this; instead of the clanTag, a PlayerTag entry for obtaining this information.

    5. Clan War details/result : e.g.
    Allowing to see who performed within the CW. Did a player attack at all? Did he/she failed the attack? e.g.
    [ "Last ClanWar": [ "<playerid>" : [ "first attack" : [ "number": 5, "result":"2 stars"], "second attack" : [ "number" : NULL, "result": "not used" ]]... etcThis information will allow my site to automatically decide what concequences there are to a player.

    The above 5 requests will help me to get our website to a higher level.
    Another feature I would like to add, but is for now a nice to have:

    6. Trap Data - Showing the amount and levels a player has (same format)
    [ "testla" : [ 4, 4, 5 ], "giant bomb": [ 2, 2, 2] .. etc.
    This data is in-game ONLY visible within the alliance.
    To allow this to happen using the API, I would like to suggest to provide the API token with a name. e.g. "Slime Clan Sven Token".
    And to associate the token with the Clan's Unique ID.
    In-Game, the clan leader can allow/disallow a 'named' token to grant access to Trap Data, in the settings menu:
    If not done you could get sth like:
    [ "error" : "Clan token is not enabled" ]
    Otherwise all players' Trap Data will be available through the API.
    Once a player decides to hop to another clan, the Trap Data is no longer available, the result could sth like:
    [ "error" : "player is not in the clan" ] ,

    Many thanks in advance for taking notice,
    With kind regards,
    Martijn Hoekstra
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    Maybe we can start a thread with those request for the API
    Hey Chief!
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    Awesome ,

    I am creating an app , Need an developer help . Anyone Interested Pm me

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    Great to have a special subforum! Looking to see troops/defenses/profile stats available through API in the coming months. Would we have a roadmap(no need for time just what data to expect if possible )

    Thanks for ClashOfHolmes for his great work!

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    Apps Hosted on non-static IP address

    Will you be planning to change API keys to either allow an ip range or another form of identification? Currently my applications use a backend on AWS as well as GAE of which both do not have static ip addresses. Other third party apis use domain name instead like "**"

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