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Thread: Looking For Base Layouts TH9

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    Looking For Base Layouts TH9

    this is my first time posting, but this was the only place i figured that could help me out.

    I'm TH9, but im working on maxing out everything i have in place before i place any new defenses. The only new things i have placed since going to TH9 are my AQ and the 4th Gold & Elixir storage. I've had my current base for awhile, but to fit the AQ and my new storages i had to put 2 cannons outside of my walls. Can anyone suggest a good TH9 base with those specifics? Any help would be appreciated!

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    I personally have liked the crescent, aka parachute base. I'm in gold III-II and I defend alot of attacks (By that I mean it costs more to reload traps than what they stole), take 3 wiz and rest barch in cc. Occasionally people get in and take some loot, but this usually occurs after someone else failed and didn't trigger the shield. Plus, I'm going the th 8.5 route with no xbows or new defenses(except another ad and sweeper) and I'm still wrecking people with this design xD.

    To see my layout, just look at Howdy in my clan (see sig), or use google images.

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