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Thread: Townhall 9 trophy push base

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    Townhall 9 trophy push base

    Im currently using this base for a tonwhall 9 trophy push. Starts tomorrow. SUggestions on what I should edit/change? THIS BASE DESIGN IS NOT MINE.

    Thanks ahead of time.

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    Not a fan of how easily the CC can be lured. Also a bit too many T-junctions.
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    Pretty solid base overall.

    I agree that there are too many t junctions.

    Some tips I have are:

    -Switch DE tank with CC to centralize it and resources aren't as important when trophy hunting.
    -Splashes are too bias to the south side so spread them out a little more so there is at least a little more splash up north
    -Air defense are way to exposed. Someone could easily take those ADs out and mass drag you lol. Maybe switch them with some of your storage

    Overall, not bad and good luck in your hunt

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    If you're gonna use a copied base try a better one. I like funneling bases.
    also upgrade your level 1 air defense, why are upgrading the level 6 one?

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    Looks like a pretty solid base, but I don't like the way you have placed your wizard tower's.Try spreading them a bit more, more into the center of your base.

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    Teslas are not even inside walls, and easily one of the best defences up there due to 2x damage on PEKKA's.. I would change that up abit

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    You still have level 5 troops and your new Th9 stuff is at level 1.

    So it's not a TH9 trophy hunt but a TH8 with loot disavantage

    Too many stuff along the perimeter, I'm sure you could get 50% with just archers and a few giants.

    Your ressources are too well protected, it's not really a trophy push layout.

    A funnel that leads to air bombs. Funny.

    I don't like the layout.

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