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Thread: Th's 7-th11 group of 8 looking for new homes

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    Hello we have a new clan I think you guys make a perfect Clan we are looking for some action packed warriors .
    Knight Riders.
    Clan tag: GPV02R92.

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    We are a level 8 (almost 9) war clan who's looking to add active players that want to help our clan grow, and become a super competitive clan. We are all primarily in NC, VA, NY, so were all in your time zone! We are 100% fair play, we offer laid back, pushing friendly atmosphere, but we are serious about war and war to win. No drama in our clan we want our members to be active and help each other grow. Check us out we would love to have y'all join us!

    DByrd, Leader

    Healerís Rage: #PL0L0YLY

    DByrd, Leader
    Healer's Rage #PLOLOYLY
    Level 10 Adult War Clan.

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    Check PM

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    Are you are interested in joining a clan that donates what is asked for( only max troops for War), active casual members, War on weekends and sometimes midweek (we believe in farming in week and doing hero upgrades) if majority agrees.

    We are a casual Lvl 7 Fair Play clan that lives by donations, competition and fun. As long as you are able to secure 2 stars (preferably 3 stars) it is satisfactory. we wont punish u, no one is perfect but we do like to win wars. we will work with u though and groom you into a better attacker for the good of the clan.

    To join is Simple, don't rush your base! We are Recruiting TH7 and above!!

    Be mature, abide by simple clan rules so order and comfort can strive.

    Gaza Empire is the name. Clantag: #2CRRQU92.

    Please feel free to message me if you have any questions, clan is set to invite only (just mention forums or my name Rhyan in your request to join) pm me if u want more info

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    And we're back. Just an update. The th7 is now headed to 8.....we have an 8 headed to 8.5.

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    You are welcome at The Miller Clan #28YG20R0 We are an adult clan lev 9 and war 2 or 3 times a week. All are respectful English speaking. Most are from Ohio and Georgia, and all are US. We have around 30 but about half not active. We need more active players so we can do 20 or 25 man wars. We are good givers. Ask to join and tell them benzo or Murphy ask you. Thanks

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    Check us out Clan name is Caesar Royale. We war back to back. 3 star specialists. From Kentucky. KIK 3ricHamilton with any questions

    Quote Originally Posted by WickedCamp81 View Post
    Hello all tried this a few times and no permanent clan yet. We are a group of 8 that would like to stay together. We are based out of Tennessee. We have 1) th11 lvl 141 3) th9 lvl 114, 111, 103. 3) th8's that are fully maxed defensively and 2 mini accounts. If need more details about us shoot me a PM. Just looking for a home for all of us. We do have a 3 star mindset and enjoy waring alot. Prefer staying with a clan in the States so time difference wouldn't be an issue. I have to apologize......I fat fingered the messages so all messages I had received through pm was erased. We are all currently still looking. Thanks in advanced for the look👍

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    Hi! Come and join us at Copper castle! We are a level 6 USA war clan. We are mostly working adults here and would like to keep it that way! Age isn't the issue, however maturity is...Expectations: be active, use attacks in war, be respectful and have a great sense of humor!

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    THIS IS SPARTA *|* Level 6 War Clan *|* Recruiting TH8+

    Clan information-
    Level 6 Clan
    Total Points: 11873
    Wars Won: 50
    Required Trophies: 0
    War Frequency: Always
    Clan Location: USA

    Our clan is recruiting town halls 8 and up. We are looking for war experts. If you are decent at attacking, but not too great, we can train you to attack better. We are a tight fun war clan. We are laid back most of the time, but serious in war. We want faithful members that will not leave for a higher level clan as well. Family oriented, very friendly. Added benefit is that we have level 6 perks

    That being said, here is some information about our clan.

    We are usually in war. We are a kid friendly clan. Lots of friends and family here as well. We have all town hall 9 troop and spell levels to donate. Our clan has a friendly and encouraging environment. We welcome all ages, as long as you are keeping it clean. We have people of all ages, from 10 to 35 years old.

    We are accepting TH7s+ and we don't care about defense, as long as you are not rushed. The better your troops, their levels, etc, the more likely you will be accepted. Loyal members wanted. My clan also wants war experts that know what they are doing. If you are thinking about joining, make sure that you can attack for 3 stars in war. You won't be in war if you are terrible at attack, not until you get better. Also, if you have "eligible for war in..." you can't join. That means you left your clan during preparation day of war (or battle day?)

    Here are our rules:
    *Elder is earned with success in war and donation, as well as being active
    *Co is earned with long term stay, trust, and war success
    * If you don't attack in war, you are kicked for 24 hours. You may return after that, and explain what happened.
    *Keep it kid friendly. There are kids in this clan, no cursing, sexual, etc.
    *Questionable names (vulgar and innappropriate) may or may not be accepted. If your IGN is Satan or a sexual reference, etc., find another clan or change the name.

    No application is needed. Don't ask me to join or something (you can but...) because I might not see, and you can just request to join and we will see if you meet the standards. (Low war stars may require that you upload a replay of you three starring a decent base.)

    I am the clan leader, Sparta. Hopefully I will see you later!

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    Hello Wicked camp

    Come check us out and visit. Hopefully we are a good fit. We are a casual clan where wars are optional and attacks do not have to be skitched out, but make no mistake we war seriously and always encouraging and helping each other try 3 star strategies. We have active members and quick donations and average 8-2 win record or every 10 wars, however we hide our log on war days. We also use groupme for war communication and organization.

    Most important please mention Echo from the forum in your request for admission as we are usually at war.

    Here is our recruitment thread for more about us.

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