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Thread: Th's 7-th11 group of 8 looking for new homes

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    Th's 7-th11 group of 8 looking for new homes

    Hello all tried this a few times and no permanent clan yet. We are a group of 8 that would like to stay together. We are based out of Tennessee. We have 1) th11 lvl 141 3) th9 lvl 114, 111, 103. 3) th8's that are fully maxed defensively and 2 mini accounts. If need more details about us shoot me a PM. Just looking for a home for all of us. We do have a 3 star mindset and enjoy waring alot. Prefer staying with a clan in the States so time difference wouldn't be an issue. I have to apologize......I fat fingered the messages so all messages I had received through pm was erased. We are all currently still looking. Thanks in advanced for the look👍
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    sent ya over a PM let me know what you think.
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    We are always looking for new members must be Town Hall 6+.

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    Just sent you a PM

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    Red face PM sent

    Hope to hear from you soon
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    Hey wicked,

    Might be too late, but we are always looking for some solid active players. we war constantly and always donating and helping. We are very laid back and active. we are serious when we war we, want to win. We are an adult clan, 21+ and like giving tips and help the new villages get better. We have players on most of the day and into the late evening. We are a fairly new clan but players who have been around for a long time.

    Clan name: Captain Obvious #P2CLCV89
    Based in USA and English speaking only
    Lvl 6 clan and moving up.
    Adult only clan, 21+
    Tell them CaptainCraiger sent you
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    It doesn't matter how many of you there are, Dead Dragons will take you with open arms. We are a laid back adult clan that wars occasionally and donates often. Come give us a try

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    Sent you a PM

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    Sent you a pm. Could fit you all in with a little maneuvering.
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    We would like to have you guys in our clan Couchlockers #2UPJCJOQ
    Read the information below. I know its our feeder clan but we want to boost the membership there. We have people there now that are donating machines and really good at war. Its more of a sister clan is feeder. We combine both clans for 50vs50 and soon arranged wars.

    Aged Greatness #922PQYO Level 9 war clan
    Our feeder clan is
    Couchlockers #2UPJCJOQ
    Strong experienced players go to the main clan. Th7 and inexperienced players go to feeder clan

    We are Looking for strong 3 star attackers. Mature players not rushed. Our members are ages from 19 to 55+. We dont accept kids. We want players who can be loyal, friendly and helpful. We do promote based on those principles.

    We currently war with maxed th11 to th8. We are currently doing 25vs25 to 50vs50 depending on how many are opted in. We do mandatory 50vs50 about once every 2 weeks.

    These links show our latest war recaps, war log and some of our attacks. We usually 3 star all the th9 and try to 3 the th10 occasionally 3 star th11
    We war Nonstop to level the clan you can opt out when needed.
    Donations are filled fast no requirement limit, but we do want you to stay active and donate.
    No trophy requirements push or farm as much as you want.
    Please focus on maxing offense before defense when upgrading your townhall.
    We have helpful and friendly chat please respect each other. Keep a family friendly atmosphere
    We use clashcaller to reserve target bases +/-5 from mirror
    Groupme is used for outside clan communication but not mandatory.

    Minimum Requirements

    Lv35/35 heroes
    Max th10
    Be able to 3 star near max th10 and 2 star th11


    Max out th9 before upgrading with 25/25 heroes
    Must be able to reliably 2 star similar TH10 and 3 star max th9

    Maxed th8 completely
    Heroes and troops must match your defense level. If you have lv3 xbows but only lv10 heroes you will be rejected.

    Th8 must have maxed previous townhall level and troops.
    Must be able to 3 star equal bases

    Townhall 8 and up are needed.
    We use 3 star tactics and anti 3 bases. We focus on maxing offense before defense and like to dominate in war. Gowipe is not a good tactic unless used with backside loons or hogs.
    If you want to join us put from the forums when requesting to join. I hope to see you soon.

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    PM sent. Here's our recruitment thread. Contact me if interested.

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