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Thread: Message from Imod 30th April !

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    Message from Imod 30th April !

    Disclaimer : The video linked below contains language that would not be deemed appropriate for the forum, or in game. Please do not watch the video if you are likely to be offended. Within the video (14.10) is a direct message from Imod.

    I found this link via reddit, and thought it I would share it here (hopefully it doesn't break any forum rules).

    Source : Clash on Groot TV (Time in Video 14.10)

    Q - I'm doing a Youtube Vid. Do you want anything sent out? Messages or anything?

    A - (ImodGame Nadis) . A message. Technically, it can be an endless war between modding and anti-modding. Client side detection can be patched, then SC might add new detection code in another update. The real problem is players only have one chance. That makes me wonder if I have lost this war, no matter what.

    Link to Youtube video :-
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    Woot woot! Suck it Nadis/modders everywhere.

    There you go. That's the guy that has the most at stake, being realistic. If ever SC get their noses in front for an hour, day,'s people's accounts on the line.

    Carry on with the workarounds. But heed that philosophy from the dark prince himself.

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    Yes, keep it coming. Let us feast on their tears.

    Thanks for the awesome sig Alex!

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    Form an orderly queue behind Tim please, no pushing. You will all get a chance to smirk

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    I'll genuinely miss you guys. Stay Frosty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Superfinch30 View Post
    Woot woot! Suck it Nadis/modders everywhere.
    Why would Nadis be sucking it? He could well have made over a million bucks on this thing!
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    Luckily this Nadis Looser can't make money of free mobile mods. yess
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    Looks like SC might be taking the upper hand in this war.

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    Indeed, how many mass culls can they take before they're updating the mod for 2 people to use?
    2 people who have to buy a new device and start from scratch every time SC get in front

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    Modders already lost the war with bans being handed out. The risk of losing years of progress will be too much for most to cope with.

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    modders are on the defense, especially if SC keeps changing their detection algorithm, because of the 2 shot kill ban mechanic. now if there was a way to prevent the use of these "burners" ive been hearing about, perhaps by means of a MAC address ban (its hard to hide hard-coded data even behind a proxy from a sophisticated system) or like, then that would snuff it altogether.
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