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Thread: Need some help with 3-Starring this Anti-3 Star Base.

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    Need some help with 3-Starring this Anti-3 Star Base.

    Here is the base:

    Here are my stats:

    Thank you guys for the help!
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    Quadquake the CC to open up the base
    Drop a Hog to lure the cc
    If there is a builder hut out of view at 12 O'clock drop an archer on it to bring the cc to that side of the base. When CC gets close
    You want to enter the base at 11 O'clock by the archer tower.
    Drop a Giant to distract the CC and Golem to tank and 7-8 Wiz to create a funnel taking out the dreck buildings from 10 O'clock to 2 O'clock and kill the CC that firing at your giant.
    Drop 2 WBs to get into the core that you've completely opened up.
    Drop your 8 Valks + the 3 Maxed CC Valks plus your BK, heal them twice as needed and watch them gut the core including all 3 ADs
    Now sprinkle your 10 loons (2 per defenses) around the outside of the base.

    Ta-da! a 3 star GoVaLo

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