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    Lightbulb Competitive matchmaking in Clash of Clans

    Hi folks,

    I've lurked here for a couple years, but never posted (more active on the /r/clashofclans and /r/rwcs subreddits). I am a in Reddit Omega and I make Omega war recaps on YT and stream wars on twitch. Enough about me though...

    So the end of modding is a great first step on the way to make clash great again, but really because it bring everyone to equal footing for the implementation of actual competitive play. I think the ways to implement this is to look back to what made clash great for all these years.

    is a link to a vid where I'm discussing it, but I go more in depth here

    Intro: My idea goes alongside all the other great ideas I've heard. Tournament-style games, single player games, short wars, etc. It all can be accomplished by having a matchmaking that is similar to First person shooters, and other games that have been around for so long. I think it should be an end-game gametype, I'd say after max th8, but that's up for debate. It should be more of a personal ranking system, where individuals who are in a good clan can play with skilled people. It should revolve around standardized weights and fairness, which includes offense and defense and free and instant troop creation. People should create an army solely around what is the best way to take out a base than what is most efficient in time and cost. And it should never eliminate clan wars. Two-day clan wars are the ultimate crux of the game. Improving your personal offense, defense, and skill level as you are constantly trying to improve the clan as a whole should be the definition of what makes a clan "the best". Another point, it should not encourage people to stay at a certain weight to game the system, but always encourage continual base improvement.

    So let's look at an image I mocked up showing what the "Attack!" screen could look like, allowing all the normal play, but then have an unlockable competitive matchmaking once you either reach a certain level, defeat the single player maps, or maybe some other criteria.

    As you see from this image, you'd be able to pick your preferred settings (will talk on that in a sec), and then enter matchmaking. Now the two big things here is the matchmaking ranking, and that you can either go in by yourself or you can send a party request to your clan and enter it with your clanmates. The person who sent the party request would control the party and initiate the search. You would also be able to play a ranked match or just a casual match, and it would be nice to have a game-wide chat, but I know SC has been opposed to that idea, so that's not a dealbreaker. Also, if you were going into a 10v10 gametype with a 20 person party it would allow you to do an unranked arranged war/tournament with people you know, which would be absolutely amazing for the esports side of things and doing things like streamer wars where the first 20 people to sign up can be shown on stream.

    Matchmaking Ranking: the implementation of an actual competitive MMR is absolutely crucial to the system. Trophy pushing is fun and challenging, but no one will argue that is is an actual sign of how skilled a player is, only that they are pretty good and willing to devote countless hours to the game. I won't pretend it's an easy thing creating an MMR system that accurately gauges skill, but one similar to halo 2 that considers streaks, party size and skill, and position on the map. It would also have a level for each gametype and display your highest achieved level as your trophy.

    Gametype: Having the freedom to create more in the future allows for endless expansion opportunities, but the 3 modes I would like in the beginning are:

    Classic - a short war, where you go in as 5v5 or 10v10, and you do a war over the course of 4 hours or so. Same rules as regular war but shorter, and not attached to your clan, only to your own personal MMR.

    Lone Wolf - a bracketed tournament-style game where all participants have equal defensive and offensive levels, and face off head to head at each round. You would attack the other players base once (or maybe twice, allowing for a self-scout, if you will) and the attacker with the most stars > most percentage > shortest time would win the round. If it is still a tie after those criteria then it would go down to a virtual coin flip.

    Time Attack - Similar to what the TWC wanted from the game, it would be a gametype where you go against another team 5v5 or 10v10 and are allowed to attack a base as many times as you want within the 3 hr limit, or whatever it is. Each base picks their target, and once that is decided, the war starts. Starting from the bottom and working up, you attack the base as many times as you want until you are satisfied with the results. This can be a 3* or a 2* depending on the strategy (th9s attacking up, etc.) and once an attack is locked in, the next base is hit. The clan that finishes with the most stars wins, but ties will be decided by who locked in the last base the fastest. The strategy really comes into deciding what the most possible stars are and getting them as quickly as possible within the overall time limit.

    Preferred Tier:
    First, I say preferred because it might be worth allowing the server to change your tier or level to allow for shorter search times. Tiers are the overall townhall distribution. For Lonewolf, this option would be greyed out since all bases are the same, but in most game types you would need distributed TH levels. My ideas are below but this is, of course, up for debate. I'm assuming here that wars are 10v10. For the definition of each level, see below:

    Lightweight - 2 max8, 2 low9, 2 mid9, 2 max9, 2 mid10
    Middleweight - 1 low9, 2 mid9, 3 max9, 2 mid10, 1 max10, 1 max11
    Heavyweight - 3 max9, 1 mid10, 3 max10, 3 max11
    Elite - 10 max11

    Preferred Level: Levels are your place on the map, in Lonewolf, everyone is the same level, but on all other gametypes, people need to be spread out. The level you play at (and subsequently the tier) is unlocked as you progress in the game. As you reach max8, the competitive gametype unlocks, but you can only play as a max8. As you continually progress your base, you unlock low9, mid9, max9, mid10, max10, and max11. The actual cutoff for when it unlocks would need to be defined (probably just allow us to see offensive and defensive weight), and the definition of what I would like to see in matchmaking is shown below. (note: I'm assuming here that all troop levels are max and the base weight and hero levels are the only thing changing, but for balancing purposes it might be worth having low9 only having lvl 1 lavahounds, or lvl 4 hogs, or lvl 3 valks or something. That could always be changed later for proper balancing)

    max8- 55k, 10
    low9- 60k, 10/10 (this could be called 8.5 and xbows removed, but I don't think SC would like that)
    mid9- 65k, 20/20
    max9- 70k, 30/30
    mid10- 80k, 35/35 (this could just be lowered, ITs removed, and called a 9.5)
    max10- 90k, 40/40
    max11- 110k, 40/40/20

    For picking your defensive base (yeh, this one is a bit tricky) it might be required for you to have a war arsenal like we do now, but with 3 possible bases for each TH level, or war level. For the casuals, it might be a good idea to have it pre-populated or have community-created bases to pick from.

    Reward: I think it should depend on your tier and level to determine what you win, and whether it's ranked or not. For most gametypes I think it should just be similar to war loot, where you get gold/lix/DE, and the better you do, the more you get. I think the amount should be less than you could get for an hour boost, but enough where it is still rewarding enough to encourage casual players to want to play this gametype as an alternative method of earning loot. I also think as some level, gems should be the reward. It doesn't have to be a ton, but enough to where people would strive to be near the best to get a few gems every day if they win. Another idea that floated around was to have each match cost gems, but if you win you get a few more gems out of it. This would definitely be a sort of gambling, and it might not encourage casuals to risk the gems to play, so maybe that isn't the best idea.

    Other thoughts: Not breaking the current state of the game is very important. Whatever is implemented, it still needs to encourage people to be continually pushing their base to a higher level and spending gems, that's important to the overall health of the game. I think the unlockable levels would encourage people to keep pushing, and if heroes were a part of the criteria for a new level, people definitely would be willing to spend money to finish that ONE thing they're missing to be at the next level.

    Not breaking war is also very important. If people are able to game the system and practice on the same base in matchmaking that they have in war, this would be very bad. If unranked arranged play is possible, there might need to be a stipulation that a base cannot be used for 2d after adding it to your arsenal. Any other way (like, if you are in war you can't change or something like that) could probably be taken advantage of through the use of alternate accounts. I think the FUN and COMPETITIVE aspect of having arranged wars like this far outweighs the potential risk of hurting war, but it definitely has to be considered somehow.

    Outro: So many other games have this model, and the AI exists. I think this would be a great way to reinvigorate the community and encourage so much creativty and ways to play the game. The matchmaking idea already exists in so many other games, and benefits casuals and hardcore alike while giving a huge benefit to those who want to be at the highest skill level but don't want to spend 22 hours a day logged into the game.

    Let me know what you think, whether it be issues with some of the things I've said, new gametypes you would also like to see within this model, or whatever other ideas you have. It is very apparent to me that SC wants to improve the game for everyone after the FP update, so what do you think, how would you make clash great again?
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    Hello and welcome to the forum! Looks like you've got some well thought out ideas here, just so you know we have a sub-forum dedicated to just this type of thing, the Ideas and Feature Requests sub-forum.

    Clash On!
    Disclaimer to the above post:
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    shoot... should I delete and repost, or will a moderator eventually move it, or what? New forum, new etiquette to learn

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    Quote Originally Posted by zskuld View Post
    shoot... should I delete and repost, or will a moderator eventually move it, or what? New forum, new etiquette to learn
    Nah, don't worry they will probably just move it for you

    But I do think that the devs look more to that page for ideas than general. So if you want it seen by those who make a difference, that's the place for you!
    Disclaimer to the above post:
    When offered the 'Game Specialist' title, I misread and thought it said 'Special Game-ist'. Since mama always told me I was special, I figured it was a perfect fit and just signed right up. But I do like blue so I'll still try my best... if you were hoping for a better answer, you might have to wait for someone smarter to come along.

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    Aight, thanks man!

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