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    New Balance Live! (5/3)

    In this round of balance changes we're taking a look at the Mortar, defensive gameplay in general and making the Royal Giant great again!

    Mortar: Deployment time increased to 5sec (from 3sec), damage decreased by 10%
    - For a building with both offensive and defensive capabilities, the Mortar is currently too strong and offers too much value for 4 Elixir. Its use rate in Arena 8 is a bit high for such a specialized, and contentious, card. Additionally, we wanted to take into consideration that when the new Tournament Rules come into play, Mortars will be capped at level 9 instead of level 8.

    Bomb Tower: Lifetime decreased to 40sec (from 60sec)
    - The Bomb Tower is a bit too dominant and difficult to deal with in the low to mid Arenas currently. A lower lifetime will help with this and also bring it more in line with the other defensive buildings.

    Elixir Collector: Hitpoints decreased by 20%
    - The Elixir Collector's use rate is very high at the top and feels like too much of an obvious choice in many decks. Additionally, being able to use it as a distraction and damage absorber is interesting, but it’s a bit too good at the latter right now. Less hitpoints should remedy this.

    Cannon: Hitpoints decreased by 11%
    - The Cannon simply offers too much value for 3 Elixir.

    Royal Giant: Range increased by 1
    - The Royale Giant's low use rate shows that he hasn’t yet found his purpose. A longer range will allow him to outrange most defensive buildings and make him the demolitionist he was born to be!

    Mirror: Common and Rare Cards mirrored 1 level higher
    - This change will mean a Tournament Rules level Mirror (4), mirrors all card rarities to their respective Tournament Rules levels (1, 4, 7, 9); and a max level Mirror (8), mirrors max level cards. It should also help boost the Mirror’s overall value and appeal.

    Valkyrie: Will be affected by pushback (e.g. when hit by Fireball)
    - When a rather large Fireball lands on your face you should feel it, and look as though you felt it. The Valkyrie is tough as nails, but she’s not that tough. This change is for consistency with all other small to medium sized troops.

    Mini P.E.K.K.A: Will be affected by pushback (e.g. when hit by Fireball)
    - Same as above.

    Range Values (all units): Fixed
    - We fixed a bug where the handling of attack ranges wasn't consistent with different sized units. Due to this the range values will appear to be smaller than before for some units in the next update, but their ranges are all effectively the same as before.
    - One example of this is when two units with the same range encountered each other, they didn’t always attack at the same time - this has been fixed.
    - Also, the King Tower's range seen here appears to have been decreased, but it hasn't! And likewise with the Royal Giant, we're increasing his range by 1, but his info screen will show a range of 6.5 in the next update - even though it has increased by 1!

    Please leave your thoughts and feedback below!

    See you in the Arena,
    The Clash Royale Team

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    First! Also, nice changes.

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    Wow, these are great. I was waiting for the Mortar, Bomb Tower and Royal Giant update.

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    is this part of the big may update?

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    Those changes are great!

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    The voices have been heard!

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    Age of Royal Giant

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    very probably yes.
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    Looks great Tim. Nice to see the bomb tower time reduction. Mortar will be harder to use for sure, but I'm also sure it'll still be usable lol.

    Can't wait to try Royal giant.
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    And no nerf to the double Prince pekka deck.......
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