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Thread: Th7 lv 50 very active

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    Super Member MacKnife's Avatar
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    Oct 2015
    MN ICE
    Clan tag #8UCRP8CL
    Lv7 clan
    War three times a week
    We have fun,
    we usually win

    Just say invite by MactheKnife forum

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    Dec 2015
    Forum Rising - Clan tag #VL9U28

    Hi there. Finding the right clan to play with can make all the difference. I think you would be a good fit for our clan. We are a fun-loving group of Clashers, th5-8 who war three times a week.

    • We have our own private forums to help organize wars and events.
    • We use an automated war reservation system and effective war organization
    • We have excellent war records and if you are in the war you can expect to win

    Forum Rising is part of the Forum Alliance, a four-clan mentoring, warring and farming family.

    Rising is primarily for TH5-8 and we specialize in mentoring newer players to the game in the art of clashing and clan wars. We're organized, active and love to clash! Our war record is currently 139-4-21. We war three times a week with search on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Chat is family friendly and always helpful. We use Line for social chat and war strategizing.

    Here is a link to our recruitment thread:

    We don't accept in-game join requests so please make sure to apply on the thread.

    Hope to see you soon. Feel free to PM me here on the forum if you have any questions.

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    Aug 2014
    reading over your shoulder
    Active players in a long term clan

    MTME2 is looking for a few good, mature and active players.

    We have 100 percent attacks in war as usual.. Active donations and are mature players who love the game and like playing it with like minded players,
    we war often. . . Most are Th 7 8 9 10 with high lvl troops and great donor records. We are from all over so someone is usually on. English speaking.

    most of us have been here long term, well over two years. We have a lot of fun in war and raids.

    Teammates are encouraged to try new tactics and must be willing to give and take advice for base improvements or attacks. We expect good donor and request ratio and the use of both attacks in wars. Attack styles are dependent on the skills of each and the target. We try our best and use our best.
    So want the same from clanmates who join. We follow the .5 base development plan.
    We also use kik

    our clan alliance is:

    Music To MyEars lvl 8 closed atm
    Music Paused is our farm only clan for long term resting from wars and for farming

    We don't always win but we have fun in trying. chat is almost always very active. We have families and we work, have to pay for the net somehow, so opt out on occasion is no problem.

    Status is earned in all 3 clans but if you stay and be active it will come.

    This is a great game it with a great team

    Visit and see if we fit your needs and if you fit ours.

    Come check us out. ****Please use my name and forums when requesting in ***..we may be in war.....

    Left Out Leader. MTME2 9YVQQ0QGLeftfield......Leader MusicToMyEars JLC9PQV closed
    Pepper ...Leader. Music Paused 9GJUOV8C

    forums clan page. MusicToMEars MTME2 on facebook

    Clash ..MusicToMyEars # JLC9PQV Clan lvl 14... TH9 ----MTME2 Clan lvl 13 #9YVQQ0QC.. Th 9 & TH9
    Boom Beach... Ghost Squad 123 / Ghost Force 123

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    Dec 2015
    Independence, KY
    Hey I'm Ronnie, Leader of RH #LLQVUCG. We are a level 4 back to back war clan.
    Adults only ( we have one minor who dad is a co leader he doesnt speak much)
    32-9 war record.
    War back to back
    No donation requirements.
    No chat rules as we are all adults.
    I dont have a fancy pic or flashy catch phrase as to why you should join. We are very well ran. War is very organized. we've had 2 winning streaks of 9 and our longest losing streak has been 2.
    We let our clan do the talking. PLEASE at least check us out. We are 2 wars away from level 5.

    Thanks for your time looking forward to seeing ya!

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    Warriors are OP
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    Nov 2014
    Lev 9, almost 10 war clan.
    Anyone welcome.
    Bunch of loons, lots of banter.
    Come strait over or kik me, im rollztorpedo.

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