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Thread: The \/alhalla Files - The Valkyrie Handbook 2.0

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    The \/alhalla Files - The Valkyrie Handbook 2.0

    This is the beginnings of the revised handbook on Valkyrie. This document represents the strategies developed by the \/alhalla Clans. Which now includes - \/alhalla #98LQ2PV8,
    Fˇlkvangr #PVGOOR8, and our feeder Yggdrasil #P8RJOVQ8. We were recently featured on Lootcakes for an interview: We've also made an appearance on the YouTuber's channels of Daddy, Clash with Ash, and Hulk.

    We began as an even clan that ran from September 1-14th devoted to all Valkyrie user. We ran periodic events exploring different Valkyrie strategies and when the new clan perks were introduced kept a permanent stock in order to level the clan. We are now our own collection of clans though we still maintain a chat via the app LINE for anyone interested in learning about Valkyrie. Joining the clan is not required.

    Now in my original handbook I went on to explain why Valkyrie were powerful and that the guide was worth reading. After the recent change to Valkyrie that have made them much more user friendly (but I maintain not more powerful in 3 star compositions) that seems completely unnecessary.

    This new guide will focus more on breakdowns with images and hopefully video. Please be patient as I build this guide.

    Special Thanks to Hafid, huge contributor

    Youtube Channel for Hafid

    Table of Contents
    1) GoViz and Its Variations
    Th8 and up

    2) GoVaPe and Its Variations
    Th8 and up

    3) GoVaWi

    4) HoVa

    5) VaLo and other Hybrid Strategies

    6) Valkyrie Tornado

    7) Giants n' Valkyrie

    8) BoVa

    9) Selecting Your Valkyrie Strategies

    10) Defending Against Valkyrie

    Valkyrie Users Basics and FAQ
    Valkyrie are like any other unit in the game. If you don't know what you are doing and throw them into the fire, results aren't great. For example, balloons, as strong and effective as they are, require basic knowledge of their AI and behavior.

    Q: How does the Valkyrie AI Work?
    The first thing you need to realize is that Valkyire have unique AI. In their description it states anything, but they also prioritize locations that offer their splash damage the most targets. This means if in the midst of a cluster of buildings, they will tend to stay where the buildings are grouped together. Compared against a PEKKA, who will always take on the closest target. This AI does not translate when dealing with enemy troops.

    Q: My Valkyrie always just go around the outside!
    The hardest thing to master is directing those fiery redheads to your intended target. During my run in \/alhalla I really didn't know why my success with doing this was so much higher than other players. My secret, I learned, is that I go a step farther than clearing the outside buildings. I purposely hit buildings to the left and right of the path first and leave buildings remaining in the middle. Once the flanking buildings are destroyed. I deployed the Valkyrie and make sure I have a breach in the walls so that they go inside after taking out those last few buildings on the outside. I basically create a path for the Valkyrie to follow using the defending base's buildings.

    Q: What deployment strategy is best for Valkyrie?
    Valkyrie are strongest in a tight group. Too spread out and they get picked off easy without healing. Condenses and you may suffer from splash unless your providing heal. This causes them to basically "bore into" or "gut" out a base. Its not that uncommon to see Valkyrie rip straight through a base and come out the other side. Valkyrie moving side to side is much less effective. Despite their movement speed, this causes them to waste allot of time with positioning and often results in weird backtracking. The exact number to use will vary depending on the strategy and their primary role in the composition.

    Q: What is the Valkyrie's biggest weakness
    Valkyrie stink when they have to break through walls and obviously against spread out bases. Valkyrie don't have the attack speed or hp to spend time hitting walls. Also their damage isn't all that impressive if they aren't sent into the heart of a group of buildings. A stagnant Valkyrie is a dead Valkyrie.

    With the recent overhaul to Valkyrie, they are also now very vulnerable to heavy splash damage. This can include a wizard tower choke point or more problematic the double giant bomb. Yes you can heal through these things but it will now deplete your spell count much more than the old Valkyrie. Its now important to use your tanks to try and sniff out giant bombs and keep wizard towers occupied.

    Q: What is the advantage of using Valkyrie?
    Valkyrie can do a lot of damage in a hurry and can also dish damage out to CC, heroes and buildings all at the same time. You get 14 Valkyrie into a core with both heroes, CC, and infernos and all you need is a few freeze spells and a rage to gut it in seconds. Might not get 50% but everything in that core will be destroyed. I like to think of her as a "wrecking ball," something that hits hard and fast but loses steam fast. She'll clear a cluster of buildings in a flash and now with her new speed burst on the 1st attack rip through low hp buildings like a hot knife through butter.

    Q: What are some good clan castle combinations for defense with the Valkyrie
    Th10: 1 Valkyrie, 1 Witch, 1 Wiz, 1 Loon, 6 Archers/Barbs
    1 Valkyrie, 1 Witch, 2 Wiz, 7 Archers/Barbs
    1 Valkyrie, 2 Wiz, 2 Loons, 9 Archers/barbs/loons + near-by skeleton traps to add to the chaos

    1 Valkyrie, 1 Wiz, 2 Loon, 3 Gobs - The goblins in numbers of 3 are fast enough to kill an archer some times a wizard before it even attacks. Can be very frustrating for an attacker
    1 Valkyrie, 1 Wiz, 1 Loon, 3 Gobs, 5 Archer/Barbs
    1 Valkyrie, 2 Wiz, 1 Loon, 3-4 Gobs (if not a gob then archer or barb)

    Their are actually more combinations but most have a Valkyrie, wizard, and loon. Then a mix of speeds and smaller troops. The idea is that one poison spell won't get them all because they don't occupy the same location. And if you try and bunch them up the different speeds make that extremely difficult.

    With the new speed burst having 2-3 Valkyrie with something to deal with minions can really mess with rookies. They'll chew through barch troops like puppy chow and laugh at witches. Only issue is that once their air coverage is dead, 1 minion can do them in.

    Q: How about spring traps? Don't they really sting?

    A spring trap can get 1 Valkyrie. Due to housing space 2 Valks take up 16 spaces. This is one more than 15, which is the max for a spring trap. Sure if Giants, barbs, or hogs are mixed in they may also get the boot but due to the AI this isn't a big issue. What I mean by that is that Valkyrie don't follow the same paths that defense targeting units do, thus they tend to naturally avoid spring traps.

    Valkyrie are also the second fastest unit in the game. So when raged they can trigger a trap while moving and not get ejected. They can sometimes even do this when they are not raged if going at full tilt past the trap.

    So spring traps can hurt but are actually a much bigger issue for hogs and Giants due to these two factors.

    Q: What about CC troops, what are the worst?

    The worst thing to see is honestly a Golem, assuming you didn't lure. This is the biggest concern for Th10 peeps as luring can be so difficult and you have infernos to deal with to boot. What makes them such a threat is their death explosion will put Valkyrie into the red. If you don't come in with a heal, one good splash hit and you lost your attacking force!

    Aside from that Loons can also be a big problem. Their slow, so you can often out pace them but with their death splash they can also act like a bunch of giant bombs going off. If you know their are loons, best to hit the core with just Valkyrie so they end up just chasing the Valkyie as they go on a rampage. If Th10, freeze works. Th11 obviously has the tome ability. I

    All minions can also hurt if you don't have Wizards directly behind. So mixing loons and minions would be a pain for Valkyrie users. Both have high damage but minions have the speed and dps to keep up with Valkyrie.

    Dragons are only at threat to inexperienced Valkyrie users. If left unattended they can do allot of harm, but throw a few wizards behind our main force and place under a rage and that dragon will go down in a hurry. Especially if you keep those Valkyrie sprint all over the place (confusing said dragon).

    Low hp units and witches are actually good for a Valkyrie attack. Due to the new speed burst they almost act like a mini rage. Valkyrie will chew through them with vengeful glee and leave a path of destruction in their wake while doing it.

    Wizards aren't a huge threat, but can KO your Valkyrie don't get the 1st shot in. This is why hitting the core with a rage is helpful and a poison can buy you all the time you need for wizards to die before they get an attack in.

    Range units, however, can cause a problem if they are behind a wall. If that wall is properly leveled your Valkyrie will waste precious time hitting it. Especially if they are in a splash zone, this can spell doom for your raid.

    Q: Hey, a few of these strategies don't start with a lure? You sure about that?

    Valkyrie themselves are really good at dealing with ground CC troops. Dragons aren't a huge problem after you gain experience. With their AI, some of these strategies are actually more powerful if the enemy doesn't have a unit that is strong vs Valkyrie. Th8/9 should always check the CC but for Th10/11 it may just not be effective to try and pull a non-lureable cc out. Then of course, if your a follow up attack you already know what to expect.

    If in war see what sort of troops your opponents are bringing to the table before deciding to lure. The cc in some scenarios actually enhances your attack.

    Also, if a lure is easy - do it. Unless you need the insurance for the Valkyrie to go to the core, its safer to lure. However, at higher levels its not that difficult to make an expensive lure.

    Q: So what can I expect from these strategies in war? (War Clan) Which one should are competitive in a pitched battle?

    HoVa is strong at any town hall level, it just varies in composition. At Th8 and 9 Golems or Giants are not 100% necessary. Valkyrie do tank well enough at these ranges to hold their own. Still I personally prefer a few along for their AI and tanking. At Th10 you'll need at least 2 golems, maybe more.

    GoViz is strong from Th8 to Th11. At Th8 its mostly useful for poor bases or ones with wide-open compartments. Usually you'll still need a few hogs or loons for insurance. Once your have a strong Queen GoViz pair with a Queen Walk becomes a very powerful 3 star strategy from Th9+

    GoWiVa the last update really changed the dynamic on this one. Wasn't the best 3 star comp before but very good verses certain base types. With the Hp change on Valkyrie and the general nerf to witches... been reluctant to pull this back out of my tool box.

    GoVaPe is best at Th8. At Th9 GoViz is usually better unless buildings are spread out, and then GoWiVa is typically better. Haven't used this allot since the last update, so I am not sure if it gain some power due to the Valkyrie overhaul. Jury is out.

    VaLo strategies are strong at any level but strongest at Th9. They are a solid strategy at Th8 and can produce a 3 star against vulnerable bases at Th10 (but this is very difficult). This can also be mixed with HoVa strategies to take advantage of base weaknesses. Always use surgical with this strategy as loons will get ripped to pieces easy if you don't. Great war strategy but difficult to push with unless a Th9 player.

    The Tornado is primarily a pushing or farming strategy. However it can be powerful mid Th8, mid Th9, and at Th11. For mid Th8 and 9, the giants can be pretty viable while your golems are still upgrading. At Th9 in particular the Tornado can be good for 3 stars. The main thing that holds this comp back is spring traps. Giants get hit pretty hard by these. At Th11 I have been having some awesome success in multiplayer by swapping out some wizards for hogs. Been getting 3 stars, but can't confirm its a top choice for war.

    Gaints n' Valkyrie should not be underestimated. Great for pushing and farming as it spreads the cost out and gives you a medium strength composition. I've known a few Th9 guys who have used giants instead but they are rare and extremely skilled at it. At Th10, giants just won't keep pace with the DPS. However, under a Warden I think giants may show some potential. I've been 3 stared a few times in multiplayer now by the combination. Jury is out
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    GoViz and Its Variations

    GoViz Variation
    1-3 Golems
    8-14 Valks
    8-12 Wizards
    WB - Typically 8-12 but base dependent

    Optional: Witches (2), 1 PEKKA, 4-5 hogs or loons

    Spells: 1 heal, 1 jump/4 quake, Th10+ 1 Freeze (unless no multi target infernos)- Then adjust based on preference

    QW + GoViz Variation
    2-4 Healers (depending on queen level and base defense level and layout, I usually go with 4)
    8-14 Valkyrie
    8-12 Wizards
    0-2 Golems (1 is pretty typical)
    WB - 8-12 Typically but adjust according to base

    Spells: 1-2 Rage, Th10+ 1-2 Freeze, 1Jump/4 Quake, 0-2 Heal

    Mass Valkyrie Variation
    20-24 Valkyrie
    4 Wizards
    1 Golem, or 2 giants
    8-12 WB Typically


    2 Golems
    6-12 Giants
    8-12 Valkyrie
    8-12 Wizards
    Wb typically 8-12

    Spells: 1 heal, 1 rage, 1 freeze, 1 jump/4 quake and personal tastes for the remainder

    -Guts bases easily
    -Many CC types can be dispatched of inside the base
    -Destroys open bases
    -Reliable 2 star
    -Bringing extra jumps and Quakes can open up tightly packed bases
    -Very fast attack, cuts through a base very quickly

    -Not very efficient in terms of time
    -Sometimes struggles to get 50% after getting the Th
    -Though very capable of 3 stars, it takes practice and timing.
    -Pathing is very critical, if your attack is unfocused it will lose momentum
    -Spread out bases aren't ideal as Valkyrie can not use their splash damage to maximum effect
    -May struggle if infernos are spaced apart in separate compartments and both on multi

    The Ideal Base: Valkyrie perform best on compact base designs, you want their splash to matter. You also want a base where you can effectively path Valkyrie. If your Valkyrie scatter they often lose much of their effectiveness. If you hit the high priority buildings head on and fast, they’ll wreck. If the buildings are more compact in a certain area this may still provide a good route for your Valkyrie, as they will follow those buildings due to AI. When dealing with infernos the ideal scenario is that they are both in one compartment and you can approach them 1 at a time. The opposite of this is that they are in separate compartments and both on multi and approaching one at a time.

    You also want to carefully consider the flow of your attack and its direction. The ideal scenario for a GoViz style attack is that your tanks cover the flanks of the main event. This means as your Valkyrie punch through the center of 2 tanking sides (or one cleared side and one tanking side in the case of a Queen Walk) they are protected on the sides from being attacked from all sides. Due to their speed and damage Valkyrie often bore into a base and if your attack stretches too far, you’ll create yourself a defensive overlap zone that can be very bad for your Valks.

    Centralized heros are very good especially if you can freeze them both (if Th10/11). They can be used to help guide your Valkyrie to the right place. Having one of these things directly behind the TH is very effective. However, if the archer queen or clan castle troop is off to the side of where you want to attack, it could pull you away from your target. The Barbarian King is less likely to cause a huge problem if he pulls your forces away because of his lack of a ranged attack. The queen or archers could cause your Valkyrie to pound on walls while they get hammered by defenses if not in a compartment you are attacking.

    CC Troops: If you don’t lure you’ll want to hit the cc with a heal and possibly a rage. If your a Th10+ you can pull cc troops into a freeze spell that also gets the inferno. When doing this wait for the troops to engage your Valks if they are ground so they pull them in and they can attack while they are incapacitated. If they the cc is a dragon, loons, or minions a poison spell and freeze combo can put a pretty good damper on them. Low hp units, witches, giants and hogs are actually a benefit to your attack. In these scenarios just throw a haste spell in the mix and your Valks will obliterate the cc and everything in their way. If this is the case just use the CC to pull you to where you want your Valks to be.

    The biggest concern in a CC for a Valkyrie user are golems. The explosion death of a golem will put your units in the critical. Throw in a giant bomb explosion, splash choke point, or just a lack of a heal and it could spell the end of your raid.

    Attacking Basics

    1-2-Center Funnel
    - I like to call this the one, two, uppercut. This is basically my secret for spot on funneling Valkyrie into a base. You hit buildings to the left and right of where your main attack is going to occur. This means you have a wide spread for your tanks. Deploy your wizards or other range, ideally, so they work their way to the main attack force or move alongside of it. The remaining buildings act as a natural bait.

    Many people will clear a whole side before deploying their golems. It's actually much more reliable to purposefully leave 1 or 2 buildings to draw your Valkyrie in.

    Clear a Side - This is what is typically seen in a Queen walk. You use the Queen to destroy the buildings on the flanking side of an attack. Then drop a golem opposite, destroy a few buildings and let the fun begin. This is a highly effective funnel as it also removes much of the flanking defenses on the Queen funnel side from the equation.

    U-Turn - This is a new technique in this book. This along with the wrecking ball are the bread and butter 3 star deployments. It's also a good choice for single golem or follow-up to a Queen Walk deployment. To perform this you want to hit the core hard like normal but use your EQ or jump to concentrate and lead your attack - NOT to open up as much as the base as possible.

    Once you hit the core use another jump or EQ (or save it for exiting the core) to basically cause your attacking force to take a turn away from the side your Queen cleared. Basically you want to ♥♥♥♥ your attacking force into your remaining flank. Keeping pocket wizards is ideal for this deployment.

    Haste Chaining - To use this strategy you need 12+ Valkyrie. This exploits that Valkyrie hit faster on their 1st attack and spend enormous time positioning themselves. Haste acts like a mini rage for Valkyrie.

    Two freezes and 2 haste with a full force of Valkyrie can clear a core in 8 seconds. This is particularly true of teslas or other medium and low hp buildings are in the core. If their are lots of high hp buildings throwing a rage on the th and haste on either side of the th can obliterate a core even with storage tanks in 8 seconds.

    You can also use haste to make the most of a group of shoping Valkyrie. Chain haste spells where their are low hp buildings and they will blitz at unbelievable speeds through those buildings. Again you need a pack of Valkyrie. Even 8 won't really maximize the effectiveness of using a haste spell.

    Envelope - More useful for mass valkyrie or 1 golem funneling. Since Valkyrie target groups of buildings, you can exploit this to get them to meet at a center point. What you do is drop the Valkyrie on a location where they’ll move towards the center point of your attack after destroying said building. Do the same from the opposite side and your two Valkyrie groups will meet in the center. Just be careful to blow open an entry point in the wall as their is still a chance the Valkyrie will simply jog off to some random outside building.

    Wrecking Ball - I thought about deleting this tactic from my guide but then watched several Valkyrie videos and feel it's still very good to point out. This is the original GoViz 3 star deployment method. It's still extremely effective. Think of your attack almost like a T. Deploy tanking units on either side of this T. The job of your golem is to cover the sides of the attack, take the heat off. Your Valkyrie will punch down the center, almost like a slingshot. Get your tanks into the base so they are skirting the edge of the main attack. Create the funnel and then start the main attack. This tactic is enhanced if there are centralized heros or favorable CC troops. These can accelerate your momentum if you attack opposite the CC and use them to pull you into the core.

    Then for this particular tactic I use a rage as the Valkyrie hit the core and a heal on the backside. I specify this strategy because it's very effective, especially if a base is setup to allow your tanks to keep to the flanks of the main attack.

    Valkyrie Trick (This is a must watch! It also applies to using wizards and witches)

    This tactic is again made relevant with the changes to poison. If you're up against archers, wizards, or other low HP units this strategy can 1-shot them. With the new 1st attack being instant, it's even easier to pull off. The main downside to this are most of these units are actually beneficial to tackle inside the base. But if you're doing a fresh hit in war or farming, it's very useful to know.

    Basically lure units and get them into a bunch. Drop a distracting barb within range of said units. Then plop a Valkyrie smack dab in the middle and watch everything eat axe. Its very important that you distract, as this allows the Valkyrie to go unchallenged.

    Wide to Narrow Funnel: This is a technique I have seen more since Valkyrie gained popularity. Not sure if this is something OnHive or some other clan does or not. In this technique you first deploy your golems wide and as your wizards thin out the defenses on the edge of your attack you use wallbreakers to get your golems to converg and lead the charge into the core. If you're doing this you can not normally pull of a 1-2-center with the Valkyrie. As your wizrads will very likely have cleared all the outside buildings. For this reason it's important to pay attention to how far buildings are pushed out from the main base and if you’re attacking from an uneven side. This technique is best if the base has a natural runway, or larger outside compartment from which to funnel the golems into the base with the outside edge of this compartment being the place where your wall breakers will target first.

    QW Into a Valkyrie Healer - note this is an advanced technique. Healers are pulled to the largest housing space. Your queen is about 25ish. If you begin a Queen walk and have her join your main attacking force with 10-14 Valks blitzing - you can get her to switch to the Valkyrie. It has to be the same attack point for this to work and deploy Valkyrke in own large group.

    Combine this with a U-Turn and you can have pretty devastating results. Especially if your QW took out several AD.

    Healer Variation: A slight variation upon this is the healer lure. Trigger the clan castle and drop a healer (since there are no troops on the field she’ll just float around). As troops move to engage her, drop a Valkyrie. This one is more timing sensitive. If Wizards are engaging you want to drop just as they stop to get ready to attack, but not a hair later. Otherwise they will vaporize your healer and you lost 15 housing space. With archers it’s less problematic as with witches.


    So I outlined some strategies and tricks as well as broke down some CC troop encounters. So let me go into some general things.

    If you're a Th8 or 9 hitting a fresh Th in war or in regular raiding, you should lure first. Many CC combinations aren’t going to phase you but the wrong one can spell doom. For Th10 it’s a harder call as making an unlurable CC’s is child’s play at this level. Yet at the same time a golem can very easily ruin your raid. If you can lure do so, if not plan for an unfavorable CC troop.

    When deploying your tanks you need to consider point damage and how you are occupying it. For my planned out war attacks I look for “choke points.” These are places when several defenses are insured to target my golem. Doing this allows you to rely on heal spells less, as the golem’s only function is to absorb damage. Failing to do this may cause you to burn through heal spells or simply not be able to build up the momentum you need for the attack. This is particularly true if you can keep wizard towers occupied.

    The second consideration is that your tanks can move into the base and keep pace with the attack. This does not mean your golems keep up with the Valkyrie, as they can’t. This is why the wrecking ball is so effective. Their first priority is protecting your wizards and second your valkyrie. Valkyrie will drill into a base pretty easy, pulling far ahead of tanking and ranged units. This is why you want the tanks more on the edges of the attack. So they keep defenses on the side occupied as wizards clean up the defenses the Valkyrie blew past. This is also why compact bases present more of an issue to a full on Valkyrie attack.

    As you drill into the first layer of defenses you’ll want to try and use your golems to sniff out giant bomb locations, particularly double bomb locations. These won’t kill your Valkyrie but they will necessitate the use of a heal spell.

    With Valkyrie you want to hit high priority defenses fast and hard. Their advantage is their speed and attack, not tanking. If you get hung up on a wall in the early parts of the attack you’ll witness your momentum tapper pretty fast.

    Once you basically have punched the base where it hurts, you need to plan for keeping that momentum going. If you’re doing a queen walk it's simply swinging your attack around to clear the remaining flank. If you're doing a standard GoViz you’ll need to plan for dealing with the defenses on the side of your main attack, or find a way to swing the last phase of our attack to a remain side of hte base rather than dissipate between the two. This is where a small handful of hogs or balloons may come in handy. Once hit a base fast and hard, dealing a crippling blow, then you run the risk of having your valkyrie scatter all over the place and basically get picked off as they try and break through random walls. They can also move highly erratically as they open up compartments, allowing random defenses to fire on them continuously.

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    GoVaPe and Its Variations

    Reserved for content later

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    Reserved for later content
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    Varies greatly!

    Description: No seriously. What I love about HoVa is just about everyone and their second cousin has a variation upon this strategy, you can even include loons. There is no golems, cold blood, and shattered. Then their is Valkyrie heavy, hog heavy, and a few combinations that utilize witches.

    So let me try and help those making a combination

    For surgical types of deployment or cavalry charges you can go as low as 6 hogs though 8-12 is recommended. But you can plan exact numbers for surgical based on 2-3 per defense. Two hogs won't cut it if they are taking fire, but if they are distracted and its a low hp building you can sometimes get by with 2.

    For sweeps, back end, or hog-heavy attacks you'd want at least 12 and you can go as high as the 20's range depending on what other units your bringing. If your going past 18 though, be aware your Valkyrie's primary purpose will be to kill the cc, heros, and any high priority defenses then most likely be left to die as the hog attacks comes in for the kill.

    I know clans that will use as little as 4 Valkyrie in a concentrated strike before a hog attack. If your doing Valkyrie heavy you can have as many as 14 and pretty much everything in the middle. If you want Valkyrie to be the primary part of your attack though I recommend at least 8, 10 better for the average player.

    I tend to keep my wizards around 8 some people drop it down to as little as 4 and only use them to funnel. They are good for clean-up and to get pesky defenses behind walls.

    Wall Breakers

    Wall breakers are very base dependent. Some people can use 1 with some killer funneling, others have 12. Its up to your style and the base your attacking.

    Other Units
    Witches can be a good compliment to a cavalry charge deployment or an attack style that will thin out the defenses a bit so the skeletons are under far less pressure.

    A single PEKKA can help tank. A good stand in for the king or if you know the Teslas are out of the way, she can be particularly good at helping Valkyrie through walls and killing the king.

    Healer useful for some miscellaneous deployment methods. In certain situations you can put a healer on some hogs or Valkyrie. This gets into advanced and very circumstantial tactics though.

    Loons can be used to snipe a potential GB location not properly protected by an AD, or an easily taken out AD. Very base specific

    Giants are sometimes a good stand in for a Golem if your maximizing valks and hogs. A few used to make a funnel can sometimes be a useful option.

    : So I know many people will find this horrible unhelpful. But the reason this strategy dominates the \/alhalla clans is because of its flexibility. Some of which was lost with the changes to the Valkyrie (making them more DPS oriented) but the strategy still has many deployment styles and unit choices. If you want a starting point, 8-14 Valks and 12-16 Hogs plus 2 golems could get you started. Once you master the strategy though, you may not have a combo combination, at least not for war.

    Ideal Base
    The biggest thing in a HoVa are predictable trap locations, in particular Giant Bomb locations. Typically if you don't spam hogs - spring traps won't kill your raid. If spring traps are predictable it also helps. This means this is a great attack for clean-up.

    CC Troops: Th8/9 should pretty much always lure. Whenever it's easy it's much safer to lure with a HoVa strategy. Th11 can always use the warden's Tome ability.

    For th10 low hp units help your attack. Lava Hounds can be largely ignored, just try and keep your AW away. Golems need to be lured or killed before the main attack. Wizards can be dispatched with a rage or haste.

    Attack Basics:
    Hog Heavy: In this style of attack the Valkyrie dive in to kill Heros and possible take out a few wizard towers. For th10/11 you'll want to take out infernos and Eagle Artilery.

    Spellwise you'll want mostly heal spells and a jump or four quake to get your Valks where they need to be.

    Wall: This is a specific Hog Heavy tactic. After your Valkyrie destroy high priority targets your Hogs are deployed in squads of 3-4 on each defense on one edge of your base. You do this simultaneous or nearing so. The idea is to get your hogs to move through the base as a line. This limits the power of splash defenses and spring traps. You can still fall misfortune to these things but it makes it much more difficult for 1 or 2 traps to accomplish this.

    Surgical: In this style you deploy hogs as defenses become occupied. This allows you to use your heals on your Valkyrie. Typical you use 3 hogs let defense. Two can work if your hogs attract no defenses themselves and 4 could be necessary on higher value targets. This is an extremely powerful deployment style.

    Backside: For this style you hit the back side of a base after a Valkyrie heavy attack. The hogs basically help insure you take out the last defenses rather than have the misfortune of a few defenses being the last thing your Valkyrie attack.

    Flank: Similar to a backside attack but instead your hit the side of your main attack. Basically you try and predict which direction your main attack will go and use your hogs to clear the opposite side. The point is to take the pressure off your main attack.

    Sweep: This is a more advanced Flank maneuver. What you do is deploy your hogs so that they hit the flank and then swing clockwise or counterclockwise to meet your main attack.

    To do this deploy 3 hogs per defense starting opposite where you want your attack to swing. Then deployed towards the direction you want the hogs to swing.

    Typically you want the swing to cause the hogs to join your Valkyrie to Finnish off the opposite flank of the base.

    The Attack
    I will do my best here to characterize a typical attack but I will need to break it into two major groups. Hog Heavy and Valkyrie Heavy. The difference is important. Whichever way you lean you need to prioritize for your heal spells. Overlapping the two units can help spread the love but with the update changing the Valkyrie hp, you can't afford to be keeping two separate attacking going at once.

    Valkyrie Heavy
    In this style of attack you want to first funnel the Valkyrie into the base after eliminating the cc troops. If your Th11 you can use the tome ability to muscle through this. Th10 is tricky to pull off on a first attempt if your unsure of what the cc combination might be. Golems can totally ruin your day and require a completely different strategy than say mass archers.

    In a Valkyrie heavy attack you want to hit the core and the juice defenses fast and hard. For Th10/11 this means infernos and EA. For Th9 x-bows and wizard towers. Its ideal to take out as many wizards towers as you can before launching your hogs, as they are a big threat to both units.

    The deployment styles you want to use with a Valkyrie heavy attack are typically surgical with backside, flank, and sweep as possible options. Surgical is always a good bet and you want to make sure in the other strategies you don't need to give those units much support. You can accomplish this in two ways. Either make sure to deploy the hogs as defenses are occupied or by carefully planning your attack so that the two units overlap at times.

    Specifically on a backside deployment keep in mind that objective is to eliminate those last standing defenses that your Valkyrie may leave until last - costing you the 3 star. Their job is basically to insure the base is neutered and that random AI choices don't determine the outcome of the attack. They aren't suppose to be used to eliminate a large number of defenses.

    Hog Heavy
    In this style of attack the Valkyrie are really hit women. Their job is to do some critical damage to the base so that your hogs can romp around unchallenged. For this reason you'll have a tighter funnel and more likely to bring 1 or no Golems.

    So when starting this attack pick a place where you can do a concentrated attack and take out several key defensive structures. If your a Th8/9 this means eliminating heros and wizard towers. You want to hit hard and fast though, as you don't want to spend many spells on your Valkyrie (ideally). If your a Th8 you should take out the king and try and trigger skeleton traps. If your a Th9 the queen is the top priority. If your a Th10 you need to take down the infernos and if your a Th11 the eagle artillery. Due to these very high priority defenses you'll want a very precise hit. I'll update this thread as I experiment myself but I don't know many hog heavy Th10/11 players.

    After the Valkyrie deal that critical blow, deploy your hogs. The ideal deployment styles are sweep and wall. Though you want to keep your hogs fairly close together for this particular composition so you can use heal on them. Keeping them too close also means you'll fall easy prey to traps. You should be able to pick 3 defenses though to begin your attack more if you can converge your hogs after the initial layer of defenses goes down.

    For hogs the use of heal becomes paramount. You want to be caution as to not spam the heal but also to use it before the hogs are already pushing up daisies. In general locations around or near wizard tower fire is ideal. In particular if their is a tight cluster of defenses in that location. Try and predict the movement of your hogs and place the heal for maximum effect. You don't want to drop a heal on a single defense and watch the hogs simply keep moving through and out of the spell's effect. You'll have much better results if you plan out and predict where these locations will be.

    You'll want to keep clean-up units for sure in a hog heavy attack. Once the defenses are down it becomes a race against the clock. Deploy archers, minions, or wizards in locations where hogs will take awhile to get to (such as a corner builder's hut) or otherwise will speed up the clean-up process.

    Hog Healer Base Exploit (Th8/9)
    This tactic is not your bread and butter so if your not comfortable with the above, save this section for later.

    I use this occasionally on bases with AD placements that allow it. What your looking for is a base that isn't vulnerable to say a VaLo (maybe the center compartment is too large so the Valkyrie take too long to take down the AD) but also has very clear blind spots in the AD coverage.

    What you do is send your Valkyrie in and make them the priority for your spell use. Their job is to knock out a key defense (like an AD) to open up the blind spot. Then deploy your hogs in a group with a healer or two behind to act as the heal spell (carefully consider GB locations for this). You want a defensive layout that will have the hogs spending some time in one location (if hit destroy, run 4 paces, destroy run 4 paces - they'll keep the healers running).

    Once that vulnerability is exposed send in your hogs with healer backup. Typically I use a flank or backside maneuver if I am doing this exploit.

    If its an ideal base your hogs should be kept kicking by the healer while your free to use all your spells on your Valkyrie. This works pretty effective if the base is set up to be weak against it but its not a strategy that I utilize often.
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    VaLo and Other Hybrid Strategies

    5-10 Valkyrie
    6-8 Wizards
    8-12 Balloons
    0-1 Lava Hound
    Wb to flavor

    Spells - Rage, Heal, Jump, Hast then preference

    Very capable of 3 stars
    Loons are very capable of handeling themselves
    Good resource distribution
    Great vs heavily centralized AD

    Vulnerable to all traps
    Weak choice for ring bases typically (pathing is a huge pain)
    Hard to use in single player
    Hard to master

    Ideal Base

    The best bases have centralized AD's. You can get Valkyrie in and fur the base. Also bases that permit a concentrated blow with your Valkyrie.

    Donut bases aren't usually great for VaLo for these reasons.

    You can also take advantage of a wide spread of you include a hound.

    Teslas are better in the core as their a pain for loons due to their DPS. For th8 this is of a particular note.

    Also be careful of bases with a large core with AD speed our inside of them. They look inviting but if you can't take down the ADs quickly then another strategy is better.

    The Attack
    First and foremost learn surgical deployment. Balloons with their speed, hp, and DPS perform best when deployed strategically and in groups of 2-3. Archer towers that are not under cover fire can be taken out with 2 balloons. Cannons and mortars can be taken out with one loon but usually 2 is safer. Learning to be patient and waiting for defenses to target either the Valkyrie or other loons in your deployment will greatly enchanted your destruction. With that there are a few different tactics.

    Air Defense Knock Out
    This tactic means you target things that can attack air first. Typically I'll do this in attacks where the Valkyrie aren't likely to survive the attack on the core. That way the defense is pretty much neutered before the main force bites the dust in the core. If doing this, keep wizards in your pocket for clean-up.

    Lava Hound Flank
    If your a Th9+ this is a less used strategy but still effective. If AD placement is such that you have two centralized and say two spread wide, you can use a hound on one side to rank for the loons. Attack in such a way that this is a flank side of your main attack. I recommend haste so you can do critical damage with your loons in a very short period of time.

    When using a hound make sure you deploy him so he occupied as many defenses as you can. Usually angles accomplish this best

    With any VaLo attack you want to hit with precision with your Valkyrie. You want a narrow funnel compared to a GoViz. You also want to take down air defenses quickly as that allows you to follow with your air attack.

    You can use spells on your Valkyrie blitzing the core as loons do fairly well on their own. Once those AD go down you need to start your surgical strategy ASAP. I recommend packing jump/haste with VaLo. Balloons get a huge benifit from the speed burst and if you hit low ho cc troops your Valkyrie can also capitalize on it.

    After the first and second wave of attacks your deployment will determine your results. Again you want precision and surgical deployment. If you spam and drop this strategy WILL fail.

    Aside from that explaining this starchy is difficult with a specific base in mind. This is a planning strategy and it rewards thinking your deployment and carefully selecting what troops to bring.
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    Valkyrie Tornado


    6-12 Giants th8, 12-16 Giants 12-16 th9+
    0-1 Golem
    6-12 Valkyrie
    8-12 Wizards
    8-12 WB
    3-4 Healers

    Optional - PEKKA - good for BK kill and walls

    Hogs - if used surgically they can help thin out defenses and up for chances of a 3 star

    Loons - not a typical compliment but I bagged a th11 3 star with them and the tornado.

    Bowler - still experimenting - thus far I am finding them a poor unit for this comp

    Summary - this is the \/alhalla "farming" bread and butter. If you visit one of our clans you'd think this was a meta strategy. It's efficient, fast to build, flexible for troops choice, and packs a respectable punch. For th11 packing a warden it holds some potential even in the war department.

    Their is also a ton of variations upon this strategy. They are some much more typical versions but I don't want to down play the fact that people have their own versions of this attack.

    Cost efficient
    Time efficient (for its strength)
    Great vs spread out point defenses
    Can take your time to set up an attack
    Good for centralized heros

    Very trap vulnerable
    Weak verses heavily concentrated point defenses
    Heros can really hurt the set up for your attack

    Ideal Base
    You first want to have AD placement that has blind spots. My favorite to see is a + shape. I can deploy Giants and healers on the corners and then punch the Valkyrie right where the nearest AD stands. For this reason having spread ADs is usually best. Heavily centralized can also work.

    Next you want room to move. Your healers can keep up with a few point defenses at once but if under fire from 3 and an x-bow they'll slice right through their healing power. Also walls will slow you down which which can ruin your momentum. When you get familiar with this strategy you'll realize managing your momentum is a key aspect to this strategy.

    Predictable trap placement is also good. Giants are the most vulnerable as you can lose 15 off the bat and have all your taking power stripped. Valkyrie can blow past spring traps while ragged or under haste as long as they don't actually stop on the title in question. You'll also want to be wary of giant bomb placement as double giant bombs will necessitate a heal spell.

    You'll want heros out of your way while you set up the attack. Giants will get hammered pretty quickly if under fire from an AQ or BK. BK is less of a problem. Ideally you want to see these heros in the core so they can bait your Valkyrie in for your sucker punch.

    Note on Composition Variations

    Depending on the attack style you are shooting for it will require adjustments to your composition. That is why I am first labeling this Compositions Variations. What your planning to do should affect what you build.

    2 Point Attacks
    These are the most typical type when running a tornado attack. They pretty much function on the 1-2-center funneling discussed in the GoViz section. You'll want at least 5 giants as a Th8 and 6 for any higher per group being healed. Giants cover your flanks in areas with poor AD coverage. You set up the attack, weaken the base some and then drive in the main attack with your Valkyrie.

    1 Point Attacks
    I have been experimenting more with a variation of 3 healers on one group of giants and working more hogs into the attack. This allows you to resist more DPS output on the part of the base and you should carry a few extra giants so you can spare them if they die or get sprung.

    If your doing this you need to either utilize some envelop tactics (covered in GoViz) or pick a location where its easy to funnel your Valkyrie in. Shopping is a problem when running a 1 point attack and you need to make sure you planned for your Valkyrie to behave in the correct way.

    3 Point Attacks
    These types generally involve a Golem taking up the center lane before the Valkyrie join the fray. He provides additional tanking and permits a super wide funnel. This is the sort of composition you'd used to try and attack a whole side of a base and work your way hopefully in a fairly straight line to the other side. Your goal is quality protection of your DPS and to take as much pressure off your Valkyrie in the main attack as possible.

    General Attack Information
    The first thing you do in any tornado attack is size up the base. This strategy is about exploiting weaknesses in a base and being able to read those weaknesses is essential.

    First check AD coverage. Where are the gaps? Avoid bases with AD placed in the corners of a square-like design. These are hard to get a good set-up on. AD placement that is more like an X or + are ideal. You want one of 2 scenarios. Either widely spread apart so you can knock out one AD and create a big gap in air coverage or heavily centralized so you can blitz the AD with Valkyrie.

    Next size up point defense concentration. Ideally you want to engage only a few defenses at a time. This way you can use Giants to work through walls and save on wall breakers. If you can take your time to set up the attack your results are often better.

    Start your attack by setting up your funnel and creating pathing for your Valkyrie. This will vary some depending on the number of points in your attack. Envelope and 1-2, center are great methods to use. In a 3-point attack you'll weaken the base before striking with Valkyrie.

    When you send in your Valkyrie use rages, freeze spells, and/or heal to dispatch the core quickly. Watch for giant bombs during this part of the attack as a pair can put Valkyrie into the critical hp range.

    If using a warden keeping Giants on the edge of his aura is highly effective.

    Th9 Variation
    8 Giants
    6-8 Hog Riders
    8 Valkyrie
    9 Wizards
    3 Healers
    2 Archers
    1 Baby Dragon

    Spells: 1 Rage, 2 Heal, 1 Jump & DE Spell/4 Quake.
    -Note: Since I am not bringing a large number of Valkyrie, haste usually isn't something I bring

    I consider this a Fˇlkvangr entry to the handbook. Its a very specific variation of the Tornado using hog riders and a 1 point attack. So far I have only experimented with it at Th8/9. I will say at Th8 the lack of a Queen seems to hold the strategy back but at Th9, especially early, its a beast. In war I lure with this strategy but in regular raiding I often use a skeleton spell or poison instead.

    You begin the raid very similar to a 2 point attack. You look for gaps in AD coverage, but instead of using two groups of giants to place that center AD in your main attack zone. Deploy your wizards in an envelope style. Hit the farthest out building they have cover fire for and try and place them so they move inside and behind the giants.

    Generally I use my royals directly in front of the nearest AD, and generally in the direction I am moving my giants towards. Again I use wizards to envelop (or just the queen depending on point defenses) and get my king moving inside to take out that first AD (If AD are heavily centralized just use this to create a more solid funnel).

    This is when I have the Valkyrie join the fray. I want my giants taking the point damage at the front of the base so the Valkyrie can dive under, while under cover fire. Also since I am doing a one point attack, this is generally necessary to cause them to go into the base.

    Usually close to this deployment I set my Hog Riders on a path towards the next closest AD (I generally try and make a circular motion with my attack). I try and have my giants/hogs/Valkyrie intersect to maximize spell use if possible or use my hogs in a surgical fashion. If both Giants and Valkyrie enter the core and the healers are on them, I will reserve my heal spells for my hog riders. (This strategy requires judgement, its not a spray and pray tactic).

    I try and use my rage at a critical moment. Usually I try and place it where my hogs/giants/Valkyrie are cross-crossing or I place it so that an AD I am targeting goes down before killing my healers. Its hard to describe an exact moment but as a Th9 it is often before the main rush on the core and I am using it to gain a strategic advantage at a crucial point. Either taking out a key defense or using it to adjust my troop movements (speed up my hogs as they advance to meet my main attacking force in the core)

    After this point you should of dealt a critical blow to the base and either your hog riders are making quick work of defenses, your healers are still kicking and keeping your giants/Valkyrie going, or you just have enough troops due to smart placement left to finish off the base.

    In my variation I used a Baby Dragon and found him very useful. I deployment her in a zone where Air Defenses have been knocked out, and generally on the side my hog riders are clearing. Basically I use her to do clean-up, keep Valkyrie inside the base, or assist my troops in areas where the air-defense neutralized. If used wisely she is a good asset to the attack.

    Please note this is a war worthy strategy and is actually great for several types of anti-3 star bases. Because, honesty who is prepping their base to defend against VHGH? That circular motion and surgical deploy works well in the right hands. The main issue with this strategy is pretty much all the units you are using are vulnerable to spring traps. Obviously if you hit two consecutive spring traps with your giants you lose your tanking power in a hurry. Still it should not be underestimated.

    Super Tank Variation
    In our most recent event I has hammering at a way to do a tornado at Th10/11. The tornado is still effective at Th10 but at Th11 the DPS of the defenses quickly out paces the healing power of your healers. At least on melee units. Add in the Eagle Artillery and the calculated set up of the attack that as a Th8-10 you enjoyed is taken away.

    Here is my solution

    8 Giants
    6 Valkyrie - 4 in CC
    6 Bowlers
    6 Healers
    8 WB
    3 Wizards
    4 Archers

    Spells - 3 Rage, 1 Freeze, 4 Quake.
    I have not tried 2 Rage, 1 Freeze, 4 Quake, and 1 Jump but imagine its a viable option for more segmented bases. Th11 is pretty dominated by island style defenses so I have taken units to exploit that.

    Attack - This attack opens with 2 giants and 4 healers at a section of the base that the giants will remain out of firing rage of an AD (1 building away generally works). Its also at a point in which you can go inside the base to create your funnel, preferably a place where a standard Queen Walk would require intensive spell use.

    Giants do not suffer from a healer penalty so typically they can withstand enormous fire with the help of 2 healers. Two giants are used for insurance reasons.

    Once I have my giants occupying the defenses I send my Queen behind. I might use a wizard or two to solidify the funnel. I send my Warden directly behind for his hp boost and added DPS.

    You do not want to spend more than 1 minute doing this. If possible behind the second stand of attack as soon as the funnel is secure. The point is to create a solid funnel for your main force. Also you can typically draw out the CC, which this team generally deals with very effectively.

    On the opposite side of the funnel send in 2 more healers behind the other 6 giants and 3-6 Bowlers (varies depending on what you needed in stage one). If your a th11, the EA will be firing at this point. Timing is crucial so you're not leaving your AQ to be obliterated, though this attack can recover from her early demise.

    The Valkyrie have one primary job in this attack, knock out the core quickly. Send them to support your Queen and Warden once your King and Giants have secured the opposite side funnel (most important on island defenses). Be careful of shopping. Since your creating a deep funnel, trash buildings can become problematic. You may need to have your AQ/Warden team intersect with your Valkyrie in order for the attack to hit on mark so that your Tome does the most it can.

    Try and time your Tome ability for when your units close in on the core. Drop 1 or 2 rages (front side and back side of the attack) to close in on the 1st inferno and then freeze the second as the tome ability wears off. The 3rd rage can be used as needed and is along to provided added DPS.

    At this point you hopefully have crippled the defenses and most of your Valkyrie are standing. Your giants, Valkyrie, and bowlers are all good healing targets. This helps cut down on dumb healer behavior. If your queen dies that group can assist the Valkyrie. If your giants die, that group can assist your bowlers. Please note, you are basically relying on this. I have tested and tested this strategy and you need the extra space for more rages and EQ is a better choice than a haste chain for this tactic. If you bring a heal instead, time will kill you. If you try and haste chain (bringing a Valkyrie heavy composition) it seems to petter out once your spells do. Too bowler heavy makes the composition heavily base dependent (meaning you'll pretty much need an island style defense with all the high hp buildings surrounding the island so you can abuse the base from the core).

    I am still testing this strategy in war but have been securing many 3 star attacks in high Titans on high level bases. Its more intensive for focus on timing than say BoVa + Queen Walk but can deliver the punch as well.
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    Preliminary Data

    So I have been pounding away at Bowler strategies. My Warden just woke up so updating this a bit with the strategies I can use with the Warden available. Currently exploring two options

    Valkyrie and Bowlers (BoVa)

    Bowler Walk (with Valkyrie finisher)

    Current combination

    Bowler Walk
    7 Bowlers
    4 Healers (3 is enough)
    8 Valkyrie
    1 Golem
    5 Wiz
    2 archers
    12 Wb

    Spells - 2 Rage, Freeze, and am still playing with another freeze, heal, and jump/haste vs EQ.

    Note: 7 Maxed Bowlers is just enough to destroy an AD behind a pump, mine, or point defense.

    11 Bowlers
    2 Golems
    6 Giants (very important for main attack force)
    8 Valkyrie (counting cc)
    1 PEKKA / 2 Witches
    12 WB
    Archers to Fill

    Spells - 1 Rage, 2 Freeze (safter than 1 for random bases), 1 Heal, 1 Jump - currently down my DE barracks so just packing poison for now

    BoVa + QW
    10 Bowlers
    12 Valkyrie + More in CC
    4 Healers
    12 WB
    4 Archers
    Note: May want to swap a few Valkyrie out for wizards in case of minion CC

    Spells - 2 Rage, 2 Freeze, 1 Jump, 2 Haste 0r some combination with poison

    Bowler AI and Ability
    Saying the bowler attacks 2 buildings and has 8 attack range is like saying the healer targets groups of wounded units. It's hardly a full picture.

    Bowlers really have a two part range. The first is only 3 spaces and from the location it can bounce another 4-5 spaces - which totals at 8 spaces (this counts the bounced building's space). The bounce can also go over walls. Meaning you can destroy 2 layers of buildings even if both are enclosed by walls. Be aware though that if your stretching the bowler to full range can make it difficult to insure that second bounce actually does something.

    The other aspect to this is building hp. Bowlers will retarget once their first target is destroyed. So if the first one has higher hp you'll destroy both structures but if the first building has lower up they may not.

    For this reason a pack of Bowlers seems more effective than a sprinkling of them. Bowlers also have faster follow-up attacks, another reason to use a pack.

    Bowler Walk verses a Queen Walk
    There are several advantages of a bowler walk over a Queen Walk. First off bowlers can reach up to 8 titles into a base, this is massive reach. They also destroy 2 buildings at once, this means they clear buildings much faster than a solo queen. Third, since they don't suffer a penalty from healing you can often save your spells for your main attack rather than use them during the walk.

    Ideal Base
    Neither strategy likes heavily compartmentalized bases. Bowlers aren't good verses walls as they lose their primary advantage. They also prefer high HP buildings in front of lower HP buildings as it maximizes their power.

    Bowlers are also ideal for ring and donut bases. They are superb at funneling and make it much easier to lock onto a core of that type.

    Specifically for the walk its ideal to see higher HP buildings within 1 space of an outside wall. Bowler initial range is pretty short, keep that in mind. Then if you can either ignore the AD or take it out on a bounce, all the better. If your a Th11 its important you can start your walk with minimal funneling and that the buildings are placed in a way you can get the bowlers to move as a group. Such as buildings pushed up against walls instead of more open and scattered. At Th10 since you don't have to worry about the EA being set off you have more freedom to create a good funnel.

    Remember an EA goes off at 150 and a rage spell counts as 10 housing space.

    The Attack
    Rage Second Bounce
    A good trick to use to make sure a particular defense goes down when tucked behind a lower hp building is to wait for the first volley and drop a rage for the second. Easily takes an archer tower/AD out of service.

    Bowler Walk into a Queen Walk
    An easy recuperate strategy or a way to do a super long walk strategy. Basically have Bowlers take out a section of the base and when they hit resistance (and die) switch to a QW. Also helps recover from a miscalculated attack or bowlers going AWOL.

    Bowler Dive to a Queen Walk
    If you have a section of tight compartments leading to a high priority target (EA) or just need a trick for a unplanned bowler maneuver.

    You need the tight compartments to control the Bolwers (not scatter).

    Once your bowlers take out your target chances are they may be doomed. Drop your queen at a new walk location and healers should race to intercept. A fun tactic to use.

    Queen on Clean-Up
    Once your bowlers clear some buildings you may find a few surviving stragglers. Often dropping your queen behind your main walk will work really nice. As the deep funnel means the AQ should be free from point damage. She then can clean up defenses that may be escaping with critical hp from the bowlers. Its very important that this is what your queen is doing. If you don't have a second layer of buildings for the queen to focus on she will likely get into the fray and take your healers off the bowlers, causing them to die quickly.

    Please note a 6 bowlers, 4 healers, and a Queen count for 117 housing space. A spell counts as 10 space. Eagle activates at 150. That means one rage and 11 wb can be used before it will active OR 6 wb and 2 rage. For Bolwer/QW combos be very aware of your housing space vs th11.

    Bowler Walk into Valkyrie Healer
    This is a planned maneuver and one that can go wrong. Yet it's a powerful strategy that has gotten me 3 stars.

    What you do is carefully plan your Bowler walk to end at the location your Valkyrie will enter the base. Deploy Valkyrie in mass right behind Bowers (at least 8 of not 10 to ensure a strong pull). They MUST cross paths for this to work and you want Valkyrie to stay together in a pack so healers get pulled.

    I also recommend haste for this tactic to help healers keep up with Valkyrie - best used at entry point for Valkyrie. Also using freeze so that the Bowlers hit HP and the healers need a new target will also help a great deal.

    If done correctly healers will move from Bowlers onto the Valkyrie giving you high DPS tanks that will almost certainly year things up.

    General Attack
    Your walk should take out a good chunk of buildings, otherwise it's ineffective. Once you clear a flanking side it's time for your Valkyrie - after all this is the \/alhalla handbook.

    I start by dropping a golem a bit farther down from my Bowlers with the 4-5 wizards behind. If it's an area with lots of high hp buildings I may also use my CC Valkyrie. The idea is to insure my Valkyrie go to the core and not around. My Valkyrie generally enter on the edge of the area my Bowlers cleared. It helps the Valkyrie to move in quickly and do critical damage. However, if their is an AD gap and tightly clustered buildings a pack of Bowler can do well with healer support on their own (if you still got 5-6).

    After this point the attack looks very much like a GoViz attack with a QW opening.

    I've experimented with Quake verses Haste Chaining (see GoViz section). For this strategy I favor the Haste Chain. It allows the Valkyrie to hit hard and fast, while also helping the healers keep up once the core is gutted. EQ seem less effective with Bowlers (other than a better opening) because of their need to be able to bounce and damage the building behind the first. Also an effective Haste Chain can nullify the core before it has a chance to do much of anything.

    Giants appear to make a good compliment to a Valkyrie/Bowler rush on the core. They soak up extra inferno beams and by you extra time so you can afford to drop a Freeze spell (I usually care 2 for random raids, its safer).

    Start the raiding by making a wide funnel with the golems. Drop 1 golem and 3-4 Bowlers behind in an envelop style - meaning they'll work their way to the center of your attack. Get Golems inside the base to star soaking up damage.

    Behind main attack. Drop Heros-Bowlers-Giants-Valkyrie, in that order. Rush the the core using your rage. Possibly poisoning any CC unless running EQ. If using one freeze spell, wait to drop the 1st inferno (if doing this attack so you hit 1 inferno first) and then freeze the second/heal drop. If using 2 Freeze spells (hitting center of infernos) then wait for giants to sustain some damage before doing the freeze/heal drop to maximize its effectiveness.

    From here the main concern is getting out of the core. This composition doesn't seem strong for heavily segmented bases but does very well on the more open styles that are popular in the upper leagues.

    BoVa + QW
    This is really just a GoViz + QW with bowlers. You walk a portion of the base to do critical damage. Either taking out several defenses, a hero, or luring out the CC. When I did this style I ended up dropping the golem for just more Bowlers and Valkyrie. The two units have pretty good synergy. With GoViz I felt like a Golem was necessary to set up a funnel. Bowlers on the other hand are excellent at setting up a funnel so dropping 4 Valkyrie and 4 Bowlers to make a quick funnel often did the trick.

    I like using Haste Chaining for this style of raid. You set up the attack so the Valkyrie/Bowler hit the core fast. Set up a haste chain, and destroy the core before it thaws from your freeze spells. This often frees up your healers to go about their business unhindered.

    So to recap, use the Queen to create a funnel on one side of the attack. Drop a your King and a few Valkyrie/Bowlers to create a funnel. Use jump to get into the core and hit it with the brunt of your force, dropping hastes on either side of the Th. This is particularly effective if you can manage to save 1 rage for to be dropped directly on the Th. Since this is so similar to a GoViz + Queen Walk I won't elaborate farther.
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    Selecting Your Valkyrie Strategies

    So here is where I will put more of a rating and break down of pushing, farming, and war

    Most of these will probably be war focused.

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