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    Dear Nick,
    i cureently have the money around 600.000.
    what's the next upgrade money can be used to buy diamond or vouchers?


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    The gem confirmation button is an abs MUST .
    Hey Nick ,Greg n all . U r gr8 guys n always welcome our feed back . Go for this one na !!!
    All of us want it !!!
    Majority demands
    Many thanks
    Priya 500

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    Unhappy Mystery Box

    hi nick,

    i'm surprised that no one has posted a thread about the mystery box. i am fairly new to hay day (two weeks), and noticed right away when i go to greg's farm, that when i tap on the mystery box on his farm, i collect whatever is in it. i have done that on other people's farms. i also noticed that right after i went to a friend's farm and tapped the box, then shortly after one would appear on my farm, so i thought the mystery box was connected to my farm. anyway, i figured if i could take someone else's mystery box, then others can take mine.

    since i've added many friends, i've noticed that i don't see the mystery box much anymore. so i'm assuming that they could be taking mine. it is a nice feature, but needs to be fixed so players cannot take other players' mystery box.

    which brings me to this topic: accepting, deleting, and keeping friends. i've been getting many friend requests of people who are friends of friends. how do i know whether they will be "friend worthy"? i think i should not accept them until the mystery box issue gets resolved.
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