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Thread: Lol, what's up with all these modders?

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    Lol, what's up with all these modders?

    Finally Supercell has stepped up their game to fight modding/cheating and all these rants about the modders being 'too big to fail', or banning them would create a black hole, etc. You're angry because Supercell took down the only way you know how to play the game, we get it.

    But I can't understand why anyone that is not actively involved in modding would disagree with the course of action that Supercell is taking? The notion that taking out the modding community will somehow break clash is, in my opinion, both ignorant and inflammatory. Hate to even bring politics in here, but I feel kinda nostalgic with the entire Financial crisis in '08, where banks were bailed out because there were fears that they were too big to fail, and later proven that was a great mistake.

    But please, I'm an open-minded person, so for those who defend modding and/or disagree with Supercell, please enlight me on why is it we should keep modders doing their thing? How is it keeping un-fairness fair? Knowing these despicable people don't promote anything positive but cheating?
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    Naw won't crash the game it'll improve it actually. Those who oppose this move is most likely a modder because they know the action SC takes can take them down easily.

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    Using mods is indefensible, so there is no point having this discussion.

    Cheers, Tink

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