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    Good to see Supercell is taking a positive step towards fair play! 👍🏻

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    look behind you
    Brilliant! This has been a slight problem in boom beach for a while so hopefully it will be dealt with there, but the big one is clash. The cheating is crazy, very happy to see something done about it.

    Could I have the details on this octopus please

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    Bluest@cks allowed? That's a news to me, I thought you used to ban people using it.

    But a good job overall! Fair play is a nice way going forward
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    great to hear!
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    Is there anything different about this announcement? I guess, I don't see anything actually unique to their historical position. Why congratulate for an announcement of the same old policy, when we should take a wait-and-see approach?

    Please help out this (me) ignoramus. SuperCell has always been against third part software, haven't they? SuperCell has always threatened a ban against the use of third party software, haven't they? What precisely are we announcing and celebrating?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExcellentPosts View Post
    Bluest@cks allowed? That's a news to me, I thought you used to ban people using it.

    But a good job overall! Fair play is a nice way going forward
    Bluestacks has been allowed since ages.

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    That is great to know! Thanks!

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    i was sailing my ship, suddenly my GPS tracker got jammed by Marika, now i'm sailing blindly

    Thumbs Up NoW iT's TiMe !!!

    awesome i hope no cheating will be online anymore

    it's the most happiest thing for fair play clans and players like me

    good job SUPERCELL
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    I'm so excited! I'm singing Donna summers now.

    Way to go supercell!

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