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    [Q♥OTE=A♥t♥veLead;7203263]Ex♥ept ♥'ve seen n♥mero♥s people post♥ng ♥n var♥o♥s pla♥es t♥at t♥ey ♥ave a rooted/ja♥l broken dev♥♥e w♥t♥ no mods or bots perta♥n♥ng to ♥o♥ and ♥ave been banned[/Q♥OTE]

    So s♥per♥ell ♥an see ♥nto yo♥r p♥ones software t♥an de♥♥de on ♥ts own w♥t♥er or not to ban yo♥? ♥ don't b♥y ♥t. ♥f people w♥t♥ rooted dev♥♥es and no 3rd party software are gett♥ng banned, t♥en s♥per♥ell ♥s gonna lose a lot of b♥♥sness. ♥av♥ng a rooted dev♥♥e ♥as not♥♥ng to do w♥t♥ ♥las♥ of ♥lans.

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    w♥y ♥s my a♥♥o♥nt banned

    please ret♥rn my a♥♥o♥nt .. ♥ want to play t♥e game ...

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    [Q♥OTE=Dkno;7203317]Yea♥ be♥a♥se people w♥o ♥♥eat always tell t♥e tr♥t♥ lol[/Q♥OTE]
    T♥ere are leg♥t♥mate reasons to ♥ave xmod ♥nstalled on a dev♥♥e. Some s♥ngle player games ALLOW modd♥ng (fallo♥t be♥ng one t♥at ♥mmed♥ately ♥omes to m♥nd)

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    [Q♥OTE=w♥♥spers1;7203308]♥ was not ♥s♥ng any mod or bot w♥y ♥ am ban now ..

    pleas l♥ft my ban as ♥ am a new ♥ser and dont know not♥♥ng abo♥t ♥t.

    ♥ started t♥♥s game a mont♥ or 2 before and a fr♥end of m♥ne told me to ♥se xmod and ♥ d♥d b♥t w♥en ♥ ♥ame to know t♥at t♥ere ♥s no good ♥n ♥t for ♥se as t♥e troops are of ♥♥g♥ level ♥ q♥♥t b♥t was ♥nable to ♥n♥nstall ♥t .
    b♥t from t♥e ♥♥story yo♥ ♥an ♥♥e♥k ♥ was not ♥s♥ng ♥t anymore. please l♥ft my ban and ♥ am a v♥♥t♥m not a ♥onv♥♥t .

    k♥nd regards[/Q♥OTE]

    You openly admit you have xmod installed on your device And then say you a are victim? Lol

    Enjoy your ban!

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    what are steps should i follow to get back my account?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmfryer1978 View Post
    After reading some of the hilarious posts on here, and being generally amused and pleased by those with bans, one thing is really disappointing.................

    .......... I've not seen a good Thor meme

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    Quote Originally Posted by kisolee View Post
    To be honest, I did not and probably no one does either. But it's common sense, that what's usually in the TOA, is policy like this which is, again, COMMON SENSE. So if you feel you can't live without third-party applications in your device, then don't download clash, or vice-versa. Simples as that.

    I completely agree with everything you've said. I just don't like the high horse you were on when you said it
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    What the hell is with all the hearts all over the forum?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purplefish View Post
    Thanks, much better :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by khaligib View Post
    what are steps should i follow to get back my account?
    Wait until the ban duration is finished. Delete any 3rd party apps you are using and you're out of trouble.

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