I'm posting here cause sc assures me the trophy system is infallible.

Im in hope that someone can tell me if I'm missing cups or if this is the way it works....U close out of the game n u r on 3800 trophies n because u r trophy pushing its ur 'all time best' so u r taking notice of ur cups (maybe even screen-shotting every win either on att or def like me ha), u get hit & win ur 1st def & get +30 trophies. Half hour later u get hit again & lose the 2nd & get -29. Now u open up the game again after being hit twice since u closed out. I would like to know......What is the trophy count in ur 'all time best'??.......

Is it 3830

Is it 3801

This has happened before, last cup run I did just before th11 update. Now if I'm wrong & it is correct that the answer is ...3801 trophies 'all time best'... then what is the point in winning on defence?? Lose ur resources, no trophies unless u open game after each attack on ur base! What the.....?!