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Thread: Th 9.5 vs Th 10

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    Th 9.5 vs Th 10

    Looking for some help with this pretty tough TH 10 in war. I am a Th 9.5 with max golems and lvl 2 freeze. BK 20 - AQ 22. Otherwise, Th 9 troop and spell levels. Was thinking 4-5 golems. Has 4 wiz and the rest archers in CC. Thanks in advance!

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    Golems, jumps wiz, or valks. Open base bring 4 or 5 golems and 3 or 4 jumps aND 20+ wiz. If it's compact use 2 golems and 13 ish valks... 2 star any and every th10

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    I'm setting this for 240 Camp size and 35 CC if you have smaller adjust troop comp down on wiz and/or valks

    2 Golems, 20 Valks, 10 Wiz, 3 WB, 1 Archer
    4 EQ, 2 Freeze, 2 Rage

    Drop 4 EQ on southern most AD to open up the base.
    Golems on each of the builder huts at 6 O'clock.
    3 Wiz fanned behind to each golem
    WBs from 6 O'clock to blast hole in wall.
    BK and 2 more wiz behind the WBs
    Then AQ
    Then the valks.
    Last 2 wiz and lone archer as needed.
    drop the freezes to cover Infernos and wiz towers. rage your crazy red heads in the core to gut it quick. defending heores should pull the ladies to the core instead of running left to the other packed compartment you opened with EQ

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