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Thread: looking for perfect stratedgy

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    Cool looking for perfect stratedgy

    Whats up yall. I am th8, soon to upgrade th9. I am looking for a strategy to farm loot, but not in a farming style. Most people "farming" use some variation of dropping archers and barbarians around the outside of the base. I typically use a very expensive attack, but has done wonders to my progress.
    I use-
    18 giants
    7 wall breakers
    24 wizards
    3 heal/1 poison or 2 heal,1 rage/1 poison.
    I also use a 2 pekka gowipe during normal attacks not for war. This seems like a very expensive and time consuming method but I have had good results with it by challenging bases with high loot(above 350K). I have liked it,but dark elixir for golems is the only unrealistic part for gains.
    Getting somewhat bored with these variations for normal attacks,though.
    Anyone got A non archer/barb/gob attack that is meant for bases with high loot?
    Let me know what ideas you guys have, I am ready for some chaos attacks!
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    Just letting you know, there probably won't be much. If I were you looking to farm with something other than the most efficient method (i can't see why you would) you could always go for Giant Healer with 2 healers, 1 heal spell and archers.

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    20 giants, 4 healers, rest bam. Worked well for me.

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    My members are using barchers with no problem, just stay in lower leagues and you're fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EVISTIX View Post
    20 giants, 4 healers, rest bam. Worked well for me.
    What is rest bam mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by toomuchwarclashbacks View Post
    What is rest bam mean?
    Barbarians, Archers, Minions
    0 infernos = 2 infernos, therefore 0 = 2
    2 wardens = 5 wardens, therefore 2 = 5
    Conclusion: 0 = 5

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