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    Tournament Rules

    Following on from our last post, "Competition and Clash Royale", we wanted to further explain why Tournament Rules exist in their current form, and what's changing soon.

    For example, why do we even have a cap? Why don't we boost every player's cards to the same level? Well, there are a few reasons why we went with the current system:

    - We believe it takes time to gain the necessary knowledge to compete in a tournament - at the least, either unlocking or playing against every card in the game
    - We think experienced and skillful players are the most fun to compete with, and the most entertaining to watch
    - We want people to have an awesome incentive to collect and upgrade their cards

    That's the why, and now to talk a little bit about the how: We started with the lowest common denominator, Legendary Card level 1, and worked upwards from there, taking into account the relative power levels of each card rarity. However, after playing with the Tournament Rules for some time now, we've realised that we undershot the comparative strength of the Legendary Cards by a little bit.

    Legendary Cards are looking well balanced in regular play, though, so we didn't want to lower their strengths in general. Instead, we're planning to bump up the Tournament Rules level of epics, rares and commons to bring a better overall balance to Tournament Rules gameplay. The new and improved Tournament Rules will look as follows:

    To help players get to the Tournament Rules more quickly, and considering that we're planning to increase the levels in the next update, we wanted to bring two cool new things at the same time!

    Firstly, we're going to DOUBLE the rewards inside every Crown Chest. This will make grinding out those Crowns and unlocking your daily Crown Chest even more worthwhile - twice as much, in fact!

    Secondly, we're revamping the card donation and request system so that it improves as you reach higher Arenas. For example, in the Royal Arena you'll be able to request 30 Common Cards or 3 Rare Cards at a time!

    All of the changes above are coming with the next update - current ETA is early next month.

    Please leave your thoughts and feedback below!

    See you in the Arena,
    The Clash Royale Team

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    I Like the new concept
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    Sounds pretty good to me.

    Tournament caps look good even though I went from having all 3 decks at tournament cap to none. Looks like I've got some work to do.

    More cards in requests is great and should make getting up to the new tournament cap much easier.

    More cards in crown chests is also great, I mean who doesn't like more cards right?

    Great job SC, looking forward to the update!
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    The big question is: Are you planning on doing tournament inside the normal game or it will always be organized outside the game?

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    Early next month. 😭😫

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    Looks good! Really happy about the crown chest buff, as well as the donation system adjustment.

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    This is awesome! Thanks for listening to our LEGITIMATE issues... cough cough not this "nerf the freeze" garbage

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    sounds awesome just wish it would come tomorrow

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    This will be great! I hope also donation's cap will be increased a bit,like 80 or maybe 90,otherwise no one will donate rare cards because you could only donate to 2 friends. I also suggest to nerf the mortar and the bomb tower,they're too strong for what they cost and damage they do.
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    watching Lach and Anoushka choosing cats :)
    I want to play with these rules!
    (If my cards reached it, lol)
    Double reward in crown chest - sweet!!
    Good change in donating, I know it happens
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