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    Content Creators: Coming soon to a forum near you!

    Hey lovely forumers!

    Exciting times here on the forums, as we are working on several ways to help the forum community grow, but also have some valuable content be easier to access. And one of the things in the works is the addition of the "Content Creator" badge.

    We are fortunate enough to have members on the forum who also double up as YouTubers, Podcasters, Streamers and so on.

    But, their content is usually limited to their platform of choice. And such content can often be hard to find, due to the sheer volume of people making it. This badge allows us to easier distinguish who those people are on the forums, and also make their content a little more visible, while adding helpful community building content, to our forums.

    This badge allows Content Creators to step out of the YouTubers corner a little bit, and post their videos in the relevant subforums. Please note, that this is not a free pass for all their videos to be plastered over the forums. There are several rules which must be followed by these Content Creators.
    Some of which include but are not limited to:

    • The content must add some sort of value to the forums.
    • The content must abide by forum rules: No swearing, no exploit discussion, no bumping e.c.t.

    Now we can't just go handing out this badge to anyone, so you do have to meet some requirements.

    • The forum user must be mature and responsible.
    • The forum user cannot have any active forum infractions.
    • The forum user must have over 150 posts.
    • The forum user must have over 6 months of activity on the forum.

    These are the main rules, however there are more only privy to the moderators for when selecting new Content Creators. Moderators will be selecting and asking members if they want to take on the role. There is no open application you can take on, however you're more than welcome to Private Message me in regards to the possibility of it.

    And that's it, over the coming days you will begin to see these people pop up over the forum.

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    Cool addition to the forum, surely needed.

    Any requirements concerning the other platforms? I mean, not anyone with a youtube channel and 10 videos will get the badge right?
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    Gonna see alot of these badges then?
    Tons of people flood yt with this stuff...

    edit: just noticed the first reply to this is an advert... (Facepalm) lol
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    The official Nerf application just had it's newest addition... Bh complaints!
    still a work in progress though..

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    Another awesome news today!
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    oh wow this is awesome!!!

    I really like.

    And great colour too!!

    Just out of curiosity, can someone be a game specialist and a Content Creator too? I'm assuming its just one.

    Also will Instagram possibly be one of those platforms.. Thats what Im currently focusing on building up at the moment..

    I assume there will be a follower subscriber clause too..

    EG. Youtube: 50,000 subscribers.
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    Great! May say the forum is updating?

    Btw... The forum looks empty. Is it just me?

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    pretty cool new badge! i like it!

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    Let's see if I'm eligible.
    150+ posts 👍
    6 months 👍
    No infractions 👍
    Mature and responsible Heck no
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    Very interesting! Better start creating some content
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    Wow it looks good

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