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Thread: ***Want/Need a new base? Request here and I'll help you out!***

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    Thumbs Up I Need Help!!!

    Th 8 Base
    War Base Needed
    Symmetrical Or Asymmetrical
    Closed Wall Plan

    Please help, ASAP Bro. Thanks

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    What can you come up with for a th 8.75 asymmetrical war base. Preferably closed.
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    Hiya, looking for a base for town hall lvl. 5 that'll pretty much cover everything. Pretty new to the game so I have no idea how to answer the four questions in the post but I'm sick of losing trophies and resources. My walls are nooby (I'm slowly upgrading them. sorry I'm so bad)

    I've got:
    - two archer towers (5)
    - two cannons (6)
    - 45x walls (4)
    - 55x walls (5)
    - wizard tower (1)
    - mortar (3)
    - lab (2)
    - 2x builders huts (saving for another)
    - 2x barracks (6&7)
    - 2 of each storage (8)
    - clan castle (2)
    - town hall (5) <obvs>

    and that's it so far so if I need to buy anything I can. My collectors and mines and extractors and whoovidangers (whatever they're called) are all over the shop! I've got 3 level 8 gold mines and two level seven ones. Then for the sweet purple stuff I've got three level sevens a level five and a level four.

    Sorry if that's TMI but I'd really appreciate some help. Thanks!

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    Th7 hybrid base

    Hey there! Looking for a th7 hybrid base have all defenses/walls. Thanks so much.

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    Max town hall 6 trophy pushing asymmetrical and open thanks

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