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Thread: Want Free Gems

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    Want Free Gems

    Use the link above to download absolutely nothing. It's your typical app where you download apps to get points, which can later be used to redeem iTunes gift card or Google play cards. But what makes this app different from others is its referral system. If you use the link above, I'll get 50% of your points, and you'll get 50% of mine(its like the loot cart, it won't actually take 50% of my points or yours). If we can all start a referral train that would be awesome.
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    These are scams. 90% of the time they slow your progress when you get close; or stop giving you credit by "mistake". For the other 10%, if you get lucky enough to actually get enough to redeem, they never actually send you anything, or they send an active itunes/play number to hundreds of people. Obviously, once one uses it, no one else can. Their words, "we sent you an active number, sorry".

    Not to mention, a lot of these require linking to social media or something. Of which they will steal your personal info and sell it.
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    In the time it takes to see a $10 gem profit out of something like this, you could've earned enough from actual employment to gem an account to max TH11.
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