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Thread: We make our forum, what kind of forum do we want?

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    I got banned for showing Ajax my new recruitment tool.

    We make our forum, what kind of forum do we want?

    Before I launch into full on rant mode I want to be clear that as I write, I fully intend this to be my final post on the Clash of Clans forums. I am neither quitting the game (as some posters seem to have been doing since December 2015....couldn't find the door apparently) nor am I joining the priesthood. I will absolutely be checking in for forum events and updates etc but I will no longer populate threads with my grizzled cowboy signature pic. I simply can no longer enjoy the environment WE have produced and are all forced to endure.

    It is neither fun nor is it largely informative anymore. That is due to both what is written, and how it is written and if we want our forums back then that needs to change. Whether it does change for the better will be down to you guys and nobody else. Your excellent new GASPS will do their best without a doubt, as will the long suffering MODS but all they can be is reactive which means they are fighting the fires rather than preventing them which is a non stop grind....and even they have to sleep..except Tink I imagine.

    There are a lot of things you can blame Supercell for, including the faked moon landings and Adam Sandler's obsession with fart jokes but these forums are not endured by Developers and Supercell Executives reading the rants, they are endured by us......and shouldn't they be enjoyed and not endured?

    I am not arrogant enough to think this thread will change the issue as years of efforts on my part have failed to persuade my son to flush the toilet or to stop hiding sweet wrappers under his pillow but if this, hopefully civil discussion, makes even 1 or 2 regular posters think about how they post before it slips away under the weight of hate then maybe it will be worth it rather than me just slinking off into the night.

    I have never been anti-negativity or even against open forum anger (I once nearly raised an eyebrow at a bus driver). Sometimes it's needed, but the issue is how you articulate it?
    Instead of 'Valks are dead!' Why not post 'I'm really struggling with Valks post update..Anyone else having issues or have ideas for making them work?'.......doesn't that breed a healthier thread?
    Instead of 'Evil Supercell..Thanks for destroying the CC!' How about ,'Does the new Poison spell mean the end of CC variety?' recent fave 'Supercell should be fired..' Where do you go from there?

    So.......I promise not to look back as I walk away because this isn't a Hugh Grant movie and frankly the thought of Andi Macdowell acting makes me shiver. I will certainly miss some of the banter and many of my online buddies so I will just steal the words of the greatest actor of our generation and say........
    'It's been emotional.'

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    Will miss you!!!

    Let me give u a suggestion leave General nd join off topic

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    Is it my signature? Has it finally pushed you over the edge after all? I didn't mean to scare ya, I'm quite nice actually, I promise.

    For the record:
    Seeying you throwing in the towel is a sad day. I get what you are saying but it's a pipe dream. We get the forums we deserve, and even tho you of all people have always contributed quality material, it's simply not enough. The onslaught of idiocy that has befallen the forum of late is indeed depressing but I doubt it's easily got rid of again. Fact is is the game is in a mess and the forum reflects that. Fix the game sc and the forum will fix itself. ( maybe)

    But a holps-less forum is too much to bear. Couldn't the bird talk some sense into you? please?

    last aside....making a ' good bye forum' thread tho? Corny, no?

    much love from Fette
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    Th12 - le chat nu !!

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    fette is always right
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    fette knows best

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    Dang sir Holps...Although I don't post alot, I do lurk quite a bit, and I've always enjoyed reading your threads and responses. Your'e recent push thread was only the second thread I've ever subscribed to. Hate to see you go amigo. Pardon my attempt at humor, but is your swearing off booze for a couple months giving you a clear head? Or does the possibility exist we will see ya back after your big party in May?

    Whatever your choice sir, thanks for what you've done here!

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    Oh, how can we stand without your replies, Mr. Holps? Some of the best replies I've read are yours
    I agree with your words, the forums are the way they are because we are humans after all, and humans make mistakes all the time (some are here just to make mistakes, but that's not the point).

    I try to keep away from Global chat as much as I tend to keep away from General, but the main reason I got back to general is because I love the compl... Well, not really I want to made a difference, post something helpful, help other people here too. After all, we are the forums, we make this machine move, and the recent times are dark, but we can get through!

    It's sad to see you not posting anymore, but I'd do the same if I wasn't too persistent on seeing the bright side here

    Anyway, may the force be with you, and thanks for all those cowboy fishes, just as the wise Dumbledore once said after giving Frodo a light saber

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    This is a sad sad day indeed. A genuinely hilarious, insightful and intelligent forumer being driven off. I completely understand why, but will be sorely missed. Perhaps someday these forums will again return to what they should be and perhaps...even for just a will return to us.

    Good day Holps, and Happy Trails.

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    This saddens me

    I know it's just a game and most of us are adults here, but putting all that aside, this is a punch to the gut.

    I actually look forward to Sir Holps' posts.

    I've also tried to set the example in my own way for posting, and I acknowledge I'm far from perfect. Let's all make an effort.

    Clash on.
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    Goodbye Sir Holps you will be missed
    Totally agree with what you are saying.
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    Curious what particular straw has broken this camel's seemingly teflon back.

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