1. I was on my Andriod/LG phone and I wasn't able to use the in-game "Contact Us" button to post about the next bug/glitch. I am not sure if this has been posted about yet, but I was not able to find a post or thread about it.
Contact Us Button Android..JPG
2. Again, I was on my Andriod/LG phone and I was donating some balloons to a clanmate. I accidentally trained an extra and deleted it in the army camp menu. However, it was still hovering around in my camp.
Bowler Update Army Camp Glitch COC.JPG
This is just a little aesthetic glitch/bug, and doesn't seem to affect gameplay. The photo, as you can probably tell, shows that there is a balloon floating in my camp when the capacity shows 0/200.
However, the "ghost balloon" was gone after a quick relog. Just a mention that it was there.