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    Lightbulb New approach to Level Games

    F Kellens level or stage stubble is your account? These questions are very familiar to you, is not it? When you speak with someone about the stubble off Kellens very unlikely to ask you this question Nprs·h generally the first thing that gets to the stage and give an overview of your village because your level? And this is for you too cute and try before you fall from your friends! Because as the Clash of Clans stage "experience level" was considered and was originally known name in the game, after higher Level expresses the experience and the more you progress in the game and certainly one of the most important factors counts valuation Village and your goal is to achieve "levels of experience" Balatrh in particular, we have a special devotion to the level of the top 150! As symbols of power and ingenuity you! Of course people have such a level of prestige of the rest are more mature and stronger! After this training we will help you find the rapid increase! Let the process begin!

    Now we come to this stage how XP or the same level and stage experience grows?technology required and cost a considerable amount during the specified time after you xp but the amount of time that this process Mytlbh well, if we compare it with the amount of xp I did not give too much! That's why after a year may not be able to reach level 90 and must be looking for a way to do this cycle faster. Buy Jam is another way of course would be too expensive to be really expensive! And it is here that most people begin before all the donuts donuts are not that they did not normally do or not! In this position, usually 24-hour power demand in Cologne are present and donuts and even if they are very fast fires leave Cologne and Cologne free to all go up a few may be able to force their donuts! Can not get that xp! But I think the donuts?this mess. And you get tired.

    Supercell is done and no problems with it. Every day you can go even one step higher. This method is really guaranteed to be seen and laughed

    Note that all the rights of the content belonged to the daylight and other related software is our main site and Super TB is adopted , and the team and translation and has also link of origin . Please continue for the next stages of the

    Be sure you're faced with villages that despite being full up but lower than 150 Coron Lawley and perhaps you find yourself faced with this problem! Max really know why, and despite not being a good level but now you want to know why! However, I also see people who have rejected 170! Town Hall and the means to upgrade when you are 10, you can not increase your XP unless you change your ways, but if you want to bring donuts on your money and a lot of time and have imposed a difficult task, like other competitors and chose a boring you with the rest no matter Kmaaynkh speed increased level and may never be able to reach the desired level. And the cost and time it takes Riady ...

    So you should choose a more appropriate method and manner in which we introduce to you the ability to run even level 50's! So you need to,High level than fiftyBrbrkyngOf course, if you do not have to Level 50 Barbarian King BeNow you ask why, barbarian King? It made because Brbrkyng for gold and elixir is no need to ever have thought that no gold and elixir can send to fight the barbarian King!

    Before we introduce the first of our method, we can feel comfortable and donuts.
    You can go with the donuts a higher level and we do not deny it, but I also need to know the problems:
    In the next stage, we can see donuts disadvantages:

    1. The high cost of education of many soldiers that even if Berber donuts for each level is about 2 or 3 million is drinking the elixir you!
    2. much time training soldiers for each level will last for hours.
    3. The constant presence beside the phone to do something boring!
    4. totally dependent on other players!
    5. The absence of a permanent and ordered the donuts that your soldiers are not trained to be no question of force.
    6. behind the principle of the game
    7. All the requests that you do not force others Dmnd! Anyone else get filled sooner.
    8. Given the amount of donuts you and others that the calculator!
    9. reduction in your interest to play
    And if you want to go Ra hundred years with us overnight what are you waiting for?

    1. The only force that you need only "Berberine King" is.

    So as I mentioned earlier, we would like Barbarian King Barbarian King for construction costs nothing

    2. Another point level berberine your King.he does!Of course, if no case be less than just speed up xp, but our approach is practical to proceed after

    3. In the next step you need an application that can touch (Touch) you record and then run. With this software, your touch So be careful where you click stored carefully!
    To do this, your phone must have root access, we recommend that you plan your RepetiTouch In addition to being easy to use, so we have prepared the application for you that is sure.

    4. Your Internet speed is also important. And if your DSL is really awesome but mobile Internet is possible so do not worry.
    use the internet that have low ping.

    Other school sessions of the story! Well first and continue to work with the whole picture of how to implement it step by step and become familiar with all the details:

    So far, we donuts problems and slow down for routine showed an increased level of gaming experience, what is our approach now? One of the things that the game will give you XP was "the destruction of the Town Hall or the main house" is perhaps less carefully put it where we find the Town Hall? Town of Multi Players think that you find out from your head because it is not wise, and we do not have it you should always have access to an unlimited supply that you're thinking about it! Do you remember the first attack of the game? Single Players of the first village Goblins are right there! This is the missing link and is ignored so hurry up

    So why this part of the village? The single player always at your disposal and never again! Very good shield.and the power of your iron fist for more speed are enjoying it, but now how it was carried out continuously and not have the hassle for you and intricacies what's that? The following mph after we have prepared for you so let's go!

    1. First of all RepetiTouch program to run programs. We can get this program from the cable channel
    (If you're using for the first time the program will ask you for root access which must give its permission).
    2. Now run the Clash of Clans.
    3. zoomed game at the very least put himself so you can see the entire map. Be sure to do this in the first place might not be so sure
    You do it because you do not set clear criteria to touch points. Now what that means? Be careful where you touch.

    4. Click on the button red circle in RepetiTouch touch to start recording.

    of course, all this process is done only once and next time runs automatically once then try to do as best as possible. And be careful to avoid the extra work and touch as soon as possible because everything will get better the more xp.

    5. After you start recording quickly on an empty part of the village click, the beach next to the village can be a good place. Now you ask why?
    Because when implementing touch and touch focus placed on the game properly done then the whole process will be disrupted if this is not adhered to. So be careful to do the hair to the hair.

    6. Attach button at the bottom left then touch and here to speed up scrolling single player steps up to take the first step and quickly press the attack button. Make sure that you choose the first village.
    Now, why is it considered?.

    50% destruction to be written in the lower right now to quickly finish the game OK and then press the Return button. The faster you are the better.
    To speed up the win after destroying the main house End button attack approached and immediately activate an iron fist on the withdrawal of an attack button, so as soon as the house (with a mark of 50% degradation) can play end and a few seconds we save! That's pretty good

    . After I returned to the village on the gray square button until the recording stops. Well, put your work done! Do not bother! Now you can run your own record, and then if no problem, save your own. Be sure to look carefully not a problem.

    9. To save touch button operation blue star then select SAVE option from the menu and save the file in the folder you want.

    10. To run the stored touch at first if you have not opened your file from the blue star button from the menu option LOAD select the file you saved before, you were introduced to the program. Then the green triangle Click once on the key to proper implementation of the recording to make sure the green triangle button then touch and hold to open the options menu inf pick up this process be repeated infinitely.
    Note that when you get a touch-screen operation is stopped. (Note! As the record has been touched by at least Enlarge also zoom in during playback to the lowest possible mode). If the cases do not get discouraged if the first steps and hints we will not forget.

    once again, after all the steps above to always do only once and then produce the final file, only the next time you load the file. It is recommended to re-read to uninterrupted and quick steps you can choose Run.
    Education is not over yet! Do we want to fix any bugs you

    All rights reserved Morteza saeidi
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gderu View Post
    I think this condenses to "if you want to level up faster, use a tpa to get xp from the first goblin map repeatedly".

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