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Thread: War balance is not working properly.

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    We had no problems with matchmaking. 10v10 with 2 TH9, 4 TH8, 2TH7, 1TH6 and 1TH5.
    3 minute search and we got a clan with one less TH8 and one more TH6, but their 8s are a bit higher than ours. Seems about as even as it could get with our lineup.
    TH13 Level 216 65/70/43/8

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    CK Match Making - never been so bad

    The First matchmaking after the update was horrible. The opponent was found in 5 min. We had never a opponent so much stronger than this time:
    We: 2 well built TH9, 8 TH8 and 5 TH7
    Oponent: 1 TH10 with max troups, 2 maxed out TH9, 8 TH8, 4 TH7

    From the beginning it was obvious, that we couldn't win. It is no fun to make a 2days CW, when it is clear that you will loose.

    Please give much more focus, that the first 5-6 TH have the same level! !!

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    I would say this balance change made things much worse, not better. Our clan has over 100 wins, we win most battles. Our current war we are losing 72-33, it's never this bad. If we lose, it's usually within 3 stars. We have 13 TH9's on top, 6 TH8's, 3 TH7's, 2 TH6's, and 2 TH5's. They have 12 TH9's on top, 8 TH8's, 1TH7, 1TH6, 1TH4. They have a TH10 in #22 and #24. Their #24 3 starrred our #1 and 98% 2 starred our #3. How is that a fair matchup? Seriously?

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    Same Here!!

    I Had The Same Problem! Here Are The Stats:


    5Th9,3Th8,2Th8 Maxed Out

    New Match Making SUCKS!

    Im Using Android!
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    War balance problem

    War balance problem is not good please concert this

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    This update is worst than previous.

    I would rather farming than battle against the war clan that have no chances to win.. - tension, waste of time and resources.

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    For every bad match...

    Guess our clan is benefitting from the marches you are all complaining about. Our clan has always recruited based on offense not defense and encouraged our members to work on campfires, troop upgrades, and clan castles before adding any new defenses on a town hall upgrade. This ensures that when they ready to be rated as a higher town hall in war in adding xbows that they already have the offensive strength to go head to head with the big boys.

    I find it quite comical how many of our members have been laughed at for poor base defense and yet their offense is off the charts for their town hall level. Maybe you should start concentrating more on troops and attacking ability versus a good looking base. JMHO

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