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    Official Clash Royale Tournament on April 16th in Helsinki!

    Welcome to CLASH ROYALE tournament on April 16th at Helsinki, Finland! Event is held at Herttoniemi, near subway around ~16:00-22:00 (time to be confirmed).

    Everyone at the event can participate in the preliminary rounds, and potentially win! The top 8 guys/girls from the preliminary rounds will play in the finals on stage. The finals are possibly livestreamed!

    What's this all about? Laid back, fun night, food and drinks, no trophy requirements or top ranked clan positions. Everyone's invited and the event is hosted by Supercell

    Attendees must be over 18 years old and physically be at the location on the April 16th in Helsinki.

    Sign up here:

    See you in the Arena!
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    Hi all,

    Tovrleaf isn't pulling your legs - this is a legitimate Supercell-hosted event! We asked Tovrleaf if he could help us round up the participants, as he's been an amazing member of the local CoC community scene and helped us with previous CoC events.

    FYI, we're running this event as a sort of experiment, to try and see what a Clash Royale event could look and feel like - that's something we're currently thinking about and trying to work out, and this is will be our first official stab at it!

    If you're able to get to Herttoniemi on April 16th, then please send Tovrleaf your deets:

    See you there and in the Arena!

    P.S. We're going to use a special tournament build for this event, so all players will have exactly the same cards at the same levels!

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    Sounds fun, too bad I'm not in Finland. Good luck with your tournament!

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    I'd love to participate, unluckily i'm studying. have fun with that tournament!!

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    Wow... I'm curious...
    8 players... are those the top 8 of the tournament?!

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    The problem is that over 99% (just guessing of course) lives elsewhere.

    Flying to finland would be more trouble then it's worth unless you live near!

    Good Luck with this tournament nonetheless!
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    Will Xbow be allowed in the tournament?.... Lol jk, I am way to far away to participate.

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    From there we can all go to Yliskylš for Kapteenin Kajuuttas funeralparty
    FIN WAR 2014

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    This is incredible! I wish I could participate!

    Good luck everyone!!!

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