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Thread: 4 bunnies for 6 spots?

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    4 bunnies for 6 spots?

    Why can you purchase two bunny hutches that hold 6 bunnies, but can only purchase 4 bunnies?

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    Eventually, SC will add another pair of bunnies. For a while, the little white bunnies were the only ones available. That left one empty space in the first burrow. Then when the fluffy bunnies were added, we could buy a second burrow--with two empty spaces. Lots of farmers were hoping that an additional two bunnies would appear in the recent spring update. No luck yet, but it means we still have bunnies to look forward to some time in the future.

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    We were hoping they would have come in this Easter update. Would be an ideal time for more bunnies.
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    I agree you cant get a much better time than Easter to add more Bunny Rabbits!

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