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    Cool Sneak Peeks!

    Chief, it's time for sneak peeks

    The next update is just around the corner and besides new content, it also has some sweet Clan War matchmaking improvements! Read more here. And if you missed Thursday's Balancing Blog, check it out over here.

    SNEAK PEEK #1 – New Inferno & Mortar levels!
    See them in action:

    SNEAK PEEK #2 – New levels for Hog Rider, Goblin and… Valkyrie
    Learn more:

    SNEAK PEEK #3 – New troop, The Bowler!!
    World premiere:

    SNEAK PEEK #4 – The Bowler, how does it work in defense?
    Learn more:

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    OMG I'm first

    The new Inferno 4 and Mortar 9 look INSANE

    Sadly I'm still a poor TH 9 and can't test the new Bowler. This troop will get quite interresting.

    I want the Bowler for Clash Royale . These Spawner guys are so annoying
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    Are you again waiting till 100,000,000 total clicks on "Try again" ?

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    Yes. Please hurry up with the final 10,000 taps!

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    The level 9 mortar and level 4 inferno tower look sick!

    Yay! So much love for the Valkyrie! Thanks SC!

    Nice new troooop!!! But that's for TH10.
    Common SC, show some love to us TH9s too.
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    Woot! Letís do this! Bring on the peek sneaks
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    tadhhaaa dhaa... lol The bowler is great!
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    Here we go!!!!,

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    So spAnser was bang on with his leaks . Kudos

    So this is the list which had leaked !

    Witches Nerf ✅
    Xbow Buff ✅
    New troop ✅
    New Inferno & Mortar Lvl ✅
    Poison Spell Change ✅
    Spell training time change ✅
    Revenge attacks stars n league bonus rewards ✅

    Finally I am gladthe supercell didn't go ahead with one change that they wanted to sneak in and kill all strategic attacks. Am so glad it didn't happen ☺️

    AQ walk healer Nerf ❌

    So next time any moderator comes "lol" on leaks, we know who we are laughing at 😂
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    Looks good . excited .

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    Sneak Peek 1

    Damn those new air defense skins are ugly...

    Dunno whether it's worth it getting level 4 infernos, they'll probably add way too much war weight.

    Kinda disappointed with the upgrade view thing tbh. I assumed it would be more like everything else where it brings up a tab then gives you all the possible information but I suppose it's a start.

    Sneak Peek 2

    Loving the new valk level, kinda worried that they will be nerfed immediately though .

    Still kinda worried that the lvl 6 hogs will be obsolete with the multi infernos though.

    Sneak Peek 3

    So far we've seen two different attacks on that max th10 trial base. One mindless valk spam and one well though out attack with the new troops. Guess which one got the 3 star...

    I sense bowlers becoming the new valk 2.0 in terms of under-utilisation. I was gonna buy some gems and gem my dark barracks up instantly but I think now I might hold onto my money.
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    Sneak Peek #1
    New Mortar yes please. Inferno LvL4 ☹
    Sneak Peek #2
    Valks Getting love, Finally SC Thank You Thank You Thank You, (hope the hp nerf isnt significant)
    Sneak Peek #3
    Hmmm... Hmmm, hopefully does more damage or the stats remain like that. Impressive troop must say, leave it in hand of SC team to bring out ground breaking visuals on mobile (miss those 50MB days) 👍

    Keep up the good work SuperCell, now it reminds me why I spent 3+ years of used up smoking breaks on CoC.

    Haters be hating, I am loving it so far onwards. Keep it rolling.
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