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Thread: Level 57 hardcore

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    Level 57 hardcore

    Daily hardcore player looking for a serious neighborhood. To derby and grow with. GC: billgoodnu

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    Join tropical breezes

    Quote Originally Posted by Billgoodnu View Post
    Daily hardcore player looking for a serious neighborhood. To derby and grow with. GC: billgoodnu
    We are looking for good active players. My level is 120, town 40. Entry level is 65 but will adjust if interested. This is a champion league hood all 9 tasks required 308+ pts or opt out. Will send friend request thru GC. CHECK US OUT. THANKS

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    king Hawk Wing


    i have attached our post for you to view:;-🐴

    new derby orientated n'hood.

    Thanks John

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    Come join us!

    DERBY RENEGADES is a fun, friendly, strongly Derby oriented nh. We always finish all tasks and only do tasks over 300. Sometimes we are chatty and sometimes not. We help each other with tasks and believe in team spirit. Come join our neighborhood !

    Our symbol is a blue horse on a red background
    Our current leader is Mars (we rotate leaders)
    We all speak english

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    Bonus Derby Coins, Champions League, Tool Traders, Active Group and a Website!

    You should expect more from a neighborhood.

    Are you a bit of an addict but are sometimes frustrated with the game? I'm here to help. Join our neighborhood and start getting more enjoyment out of the game.

    We offer bonus coins for the top 3 finishers in each derby and a website filled with strategy, analysis, guides and even our own neighborhood fishing leaderboard. We even have our own Facebook group! Learn how to improve your game and avoid common mistakes. Participating in the derby is optional, but if you play then we complete all tasks with 300 point minimums.

    Attachment 165020
    Our name: The Playbook
    Our symbol: Yellow horse on red background
    Our leader: The Professor (experience 101, reputation 35)
    Our league: Champions (9 horseshoes)
    Members: 25

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billgoodnu View Post
    Daily hardcore player looking for a serious neighborhood. To derby and grow with. GC: billgoodnu

    Come join The Derbinators (pink horse on a blue background)! We LOVE the derby & town!! We LOVE to chat & we help each out all the time! Were looking for derby winners who will do all they can to win those trophies! We got 12 gold, 3 silver & 2 bronze trophies!!! Were on the championship league so you MUST complete ALL 10 tasks!!! The extra diamond task is REQUIRED so you have to be ok with spending diamonds!!! We do 310+ tasks ONLY!!!! We ALWAYS get ALL of our horseshoes!! Everyone is made elders to help keep the lower tasks off the board!! Please be 21 years of age or older & speak fluent English!! I'm level 106 (Wahlberg Ranch is my farm name) & we range from level 51 to level 118 & were from all over the world!! We hope you'll give us a shot to be your forever home!!

    Level 70 is what the NH is set at but can make exceptions just shoot me a PM or KIK me at CuddleLoveBug69
    ~*Lucinda Marie*~
    HD Farm Name:
    ❣Country Meadows❣ | Neighborhood: The Derbinators | GC: FamousLove69 | KIK: CuddleLoveBug69

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    You would fit in great here! We are very derby driven and play hard! I kick out my slackers every week!! We are an all American group, all from USA, both coasts and many different states. We have some really active and helpful players and we did awesome at advancing in the derby. We won first place four weeks in a row, usually ahead by 20-30k points! I will be replacing a few more people for more helpful and chatty players who can complete all their tasks without a problem, although mostly everyone does. We do tasks over 300, although most do as close to or at 320 as possible and we never require or pressure you to buy the extra task but most of us do anyways.

    We are very friendly and helpful and chatty and would like some more players like this. We help with anything you need, boats and derby tasks as well. And we have plenty of people who look for materials just to give away and help others with upgrades. I always have more stuff than I need and my barn is always full so I never have any problems helping others, I just ask for the same in return when you can. i play this game way too much! Would have been much higher than 89 had I not taken a year long break from it taking over my life, which was pointless because I'm letting it do it again! Lol. I believe people should talk and say Ty for help and be appreciative, otherwise I don't want them in our nh so those without manners are not a part of our team! We have a very chatty crew!

    Our nh name is PsychoClan (crazy in a good way and love to have fun lol) but we have a second hood too for lower levels and when we get full (Psychoclan 2) and our emblem is a red bat with blue shield background although the name is unique. You can go to the other hood if you want to talk to us about joining the main hood as we have spots open every week for those who can't keep up. We need active courteous players who can help with derby and complete their tasks. You will get lots of help from us in return! You won't be sorry you joined! We are very helpful and fly past people in the derby very easily

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    Neighborhood name: New York Derby.
    Neighborhood leader: Asaba 125/129.
    Neighborhood emblem: red cherries on blue square plate.
    League Level: Expert league.
    Currently five members in the neighborhood. Levels 53 - 99.

    You are NOT expected to spend diamonds for extra tasks. Derby participants are expected to do a minimum of 200pts x number of tasks allowed, which is 1600pts in the expert league, no pressure . In reality we average better than 1600pts, we average about 2000pts. But again, the requirement is 200pts x number of tasks.
    We understand there will be weeks when you may not be able to participate in the derby. All we ask is that you must opt out during those times.
    We are not too chatty. Actually, we are kinda quiet
    We help each other when we can but we mostly play independently.
    Join us as we head for the Champions League.

    Come check us out.

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    come check us out

    Hey I'm trying to recruit members to my group...I would love for you to stop by and check us out! here is the post I left on the forum.

    Newly formed group looking for mature members who are active, and want to win just as much as they want to have fun! We want members who are helpful and respetful of all members. chatting is a must. Members aren't required to spend diamonds but please be mindful of the task you choose and don't pick task you can't finish on your own or without diamonds.This is so members don't feel obligated. Getting help with derby task is the first priority.

    Derby rules: We adjust the minimum as needed depending on number playing any given week. Usually 315+ members must finish all task or opt out of the derby.

    look up Texasota yellow and blue cat

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    Hi, We are still looking for serious derby players. We have won 12 gold trophies so far in the Champion League. We did vote as a hood to do 10 tasks so the extra task is required. I am keeping the hood smaller, around 15-20 people. It's busy enough but not too crazy. We are chatty and helpful. If you are interested in learning more my Game Center ID is Tiggerddh. My kik id is Tiggerddc and my line app Id is also Tiggerddc. (Most of us in the group use the line app to communicate outside of the game. Our hood is Sunny side of the street. Red lobster/ purple background.

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