Dear YouTubers,

Content Creators like you have built an amazing Community around our games. There is no way Supercell would be where it is today without the YouTuber community and the amazing videos that educate, empower and endlessly entertain players all over the globe. We’re truly humbled by how many of you have chosen to make content about Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Hay Day, and Clash Royale, and even more humbled by the quality and pragmatism of the majority of that content.

As the Community continues to thrive and grow, we want to make sure that the best videos, serving the widest range of players possible, get the attention and recognition they deserve. To achieve this, we need to ensure that content not in the best interest of players is not detracting from the health of the Community. As such, we have our Fan Content Policy in place.

In a nutshell, our Fan Content Policy states that as long as you follow its rules, you are free to create, publish and monetize content about Supercell games. While these rules apply to all types of content (websites, tools, fan art), we specifically want to address how this policy applies to videos, whether on YouTube, other video platforms, or through live-streaming services, such as Twitch.

Rights to Make and Monetize Videos
We allow almost anyone to make content about our games and to monetize that content using advertisements. As long as you follow our Fan Content Policy, we have no reason to revoke these rights. However, when and if the Fan Content Policy is violated, we can, have, and will take away permission to use Supercell’s Intellectual Property to create and monetize said content.

Use of Supercell Assets
Many players use Supercell assets to make cool content about our games. That is awesome! The Fan Content Policy covers the use of Supercell’s copyrights and trademarks from Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Clash Royale, and Boom Beach. We require that anyone using Supercell’s Intellectual Property follow the rules set forth in the Fan Content Policy. Those who do not follow the rules, or maliciously attempt to convince others that their content is official, may have their content removed, their right to monetize their content revoked, or lose their right to use Supercell assets in future content.

Respect the Platform Owner’s Rules
Respecting the rules of the platform you choose to share your content on is very important to Supercell. Be sure to review and follow YouTube’s Community Guidelines.

Misleading Thumbnails, Titles and Descriptions
YouTube specifically forbids using misleading thumbnails, titles and descriptions that offer potential viewers something not actually available in the video. Videos that make false promises, such as “unlimited free gems” or “new troop confirmed” violate both YouTube’s Community Guidelines as well as Supercell’s Fan Content Policy. While we at Supercell do not mind videos with tips on how to maximize your gems, we do take issues with videos that make false promises. “Unlimited Free Gem” videos are simply scams, and we take protecting our players from fraud very seriously. In addition, while we don’t mind speculation about future updates or additions to the game, but many videos use such titles to attract curious viewers. Put simply, these types of videos are “click-bait.”

Videos set up to deliberately trick viewers into watching are only geared towards increasing monetization for the creator and do nothing to help the Community. Such videos are harmful to channels, big and small, that do choose to respect and follow the rules laid out in YouTube’s Community Guidelines and our Fan Content Policy. As we mentioned before, we want to make sure the best and most pragmatic videos get the attention they deserve. The proliferation of click-bait videos has made this very difficult.

Moving forward, Supercell is committed to taking a closer look at videos that user thumbnails, titles or descriptions that make false promises. We will take action against videos and channels that use these tactics, and take down content we feel does not follow Community and Fan Content Guidelines. We believe these changes will be very beneficial for all content creators who wish to have a positive impact on the community.

No Bad Stuff
We want to emphasize one of the most important parts of our Fan Content Policy: “Supercell Assets may not be used on or in connection with any Fan Content that (i) promotes che@ts or h@cks, sexually explicit materials, violence, discrimination or illegal activities, (ii) makes disparaging, libelous or dishonest statements about Supercell and/or its products, employees and agents or (iii) contains other objectionable content.”

Click bait videos often fall under the category of “dishonest statements” in addition to violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines. Sometimes the line between intentionally misleading and innocent speculation is hard to define, but we’ll do our best to make it as clear as possible. If you’re not sure about which side of the line your video lands, it might be a good practice to double check with someone from Supercell before publishing your video.

In addition, we want the Supercell Community to be as welcoming and friendly as possible. There is a fine line between what is entertaining and fun for fans, and what is simply inappropriate and detracts from the overall well-being of the Community. That said, videos and channels that prominently feature profanity and vulgar content will, at the minimum, not be promoted by Supercell. In addition, we reserve the right to take action against content that we feel crosses the line in accordance with our Fan Content Policy and by the discretion of the Supercell team. Again, if you’re not sure if your video is appropriate, double check with someone from Supercell before publishing your video.

Supercell Terms of Service
Please make sure you also review Supercell’s Terms of Service. Videos that directly violate our TOS, or promote ways of doing so, will also be taken down from YouTube.

If you have any questions about our policies moving forward, please don’t hesitate to ask!

The Supercell Team