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Thread: Contest: Clash of real life

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    Contest: Clash of real life

    Hi, guys!

    Thanx to Prodigy digging through the past, and Swetelizzie having a great idea that unfortunately got overlooked....we have a new contest!

    Take a picture of your village in front of something in the real world that reminds you of something in Clash. It can be a wall that looks like any of the different level walls, a shed that looks like a builder's hut, a tower that reminds you of any of the different types or levels of Clash towers, a crazy moderator whose hair is reminiscent of level 6 archers and the AQ. You get the idea.


    The contest starts now and runs through the 30th of April. Winners will be announced the first week of May.

    For help on how to post a pic to the forums: link

    Fantabulous prizes will be awarded to the top 3 pics.
    (You could win a napkin that Anoushka used during lunch one Monday. A rock from my front yard. An old shoe from Stitch. A big ball of cat hair comprised with hair from Lach, meonhoc, Kolonistje1, and Gepardix's cats. A piece of one of Sneaky's broken ban hammers. A chewed piece of gum from Janolov. A smile and a wave from Axion. A bag of Twister's lawn clippings. An empty Lonkero can from Tinkerbell. A private pm from Herpacleese with only a link to the December update feedback thread)


    No reserving posts.
    Your village must be included.
    Keep it family friendly, of course.
    Judging will be done by mods and staff.
    Morphed or photoshopped pictures are fun, but will not be eligible for the prizes. The contest is Clash in real life so the only pictures that will be eligible have to be taken by you...they have to include either your village, or, for those with only one device or a device with no data to load the game...your hand in some way. (Pointing at it...thumbs up....etc..) (Clash wallpaper of some sort could work for that too)

    Come on, Clashers...lets see what you've got!

    Alright, guys...I hear you. The reserved posts are causing too much frustration and are now derailing the thread and distracting from the contest. I'm sorry to all those who got in early...but like I've makes no difference where your post gets made....if they are eligible to win...they will be included in the judging. I'll clean this all up and then we'll move on.

    (Thanx to AxionXD for the awesome graphics!) (and making my post look better
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    Unfortunately I can't do this. I don't have a camera on my iPad or a digital camera... ;-;
    EDIT: first
    EDIT2: Since this is semi-relevant, decided to dig it up from lost files (Before anyone says anything, I know that this is illegible for the prize, but still )
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    --------Gladiator: Origin of the Giant Gods
    Now they are just a legend, a tale told to the roman children
    But the elder ones believe on their return to save the empire

    -----------The story behind the legend
    ---------------------This summer

    The movie trailer would be like:

    ~A village elder starts saying "I'm sure you already heard the story, my dear grandson"~
    *Image of a hand grabing a old book on the bookshelf*
    ~And they all tell you as they were just a myth, created by the elder ones~
    *Image of a mountain and some rocks falling down*
    ~I tell you... they were real, and saved us all~
    *Explosion and an giant arm coming out of the rocks*
    ~Let me tell you the real story now, the origin of the myth~
    *A giant shadow appears in the forest close to the mountain*
    ~The story of how they saved us, and how we betrayed them~
    *A red eye appears on the shadowy creature*
    ~Book is opened and a hand turns to the first page of text~
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    Yay! I was mentioned in a thread in this sub-forum. I thought it would never happen!

    This probably isn't too related, but this photoshopped image will be here for as soon as I find something good!
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    Hidden Tesla

    Eifelturm 2.jpg
    I think everybody knows this Hidden Tesla
    I created this image when we talked about what happens, when you've played CoC
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raindragon View Post
    Keep it family friendly, of course.

    Your family or mine?
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    If only I could get a selfie of my village and Hulk Hogan =D that would surely win

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    Do flags count?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziaka View Post
    Your family or mine?
    Haha...definitely not my family! Supercell's family.

    Quote Originally Posted by CanadianLegend View Post
    Do flags count?
    Of course. If they remind you of Clash.

    The Dragon is a mighty flying unit that can attack both ground and air targets.

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