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Thread: Contest: Clash of real life

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    you will never find that
    really enjoyed the contxt please keep it up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziaka View Post
    Congratulations kuzzo!
    Thanks Ziaka 😁

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raindragon View Post
    So sorry for the delay...I'm having serious wifi issues.

    It's time!!

    ....and the winners are....

    Third Place is a tie between...

    Orion328 - Clapping at trees
    heisenberg42 - Searching in the clouds

    Prize: 500 gems each

    Second Place goes to...

    s1ngg1h- Wizard

    Prize: 1000 gems


    First Place
    goes to...

    Kuzzo - Grand Warden!!

    Prize: 2000 gems

    *winners please pm me with your player tag and clan info so your prizes can be sent. And keep an eye out. You never know what could happen.

    I want to thank each of you for participating in this contest. I have had such a great time seeing your creativity and fantastic ideas for this. I've enjoyed seeing all of your pictures whether eligible or not, and I wish I could name you all as winners, because you are!

    I would like to give Honorable Mention to Hippomaster1234 because he really went out of his way and put so much effort into this contest. His creativity and imagination made me smile the whole way through. My personal fav was the spring trap, hippo. So...for being our most entertaining contest enterer, you rock! Heehee

    It's there behind the flower. And I even included my thumb just to keep things fair.

    As for the other prizes, I'm so sorry! There was a band of sneaky marauders that crept up under our noses and stole them out from under us! But we know who they are and we need your help to hunt them down and make them pay for what they've done. They're led by a terrible outlaw that goes by the name of Holps. That devious cowboy kept Anoushka's napkin for himself. (He's got the pistols so he'll keep the pesos, right?) His ruthless enforcer RMSM ran off quickly with that ball of cat hair, before Fette even noticed that she had it. The mastermind, ComPerry, took the broken piece of Sneaky's ban hammer and already has 3 new devices fashioned out of it for their next heist. Superfinch made off with Janalov's gum...but I'm not sure what he will do with it since he lost most of his teeth in bar fights. Saxxonraider ran off with Twister's lawn clippings, but I have a feeling that he might end up disappointed. Gutodh and AjayPeri were outta luck though. Because Tinkerbell loves her Lonkero so much that she wouldn't even donate an empty. Luckily there was still the chance at a wave and a smile from Axion. Unluckily, Axion has been quite a grump these days and most people don't want the kind of facial expressions and hand gestures they might get from him. And Herpacleese is now threatening to spam everyone's inbox with the link to the update, so beware! Marika said she uses her toothbrushes until there are no bristles left...(which is why she has the best smile, of course) she didn't have one to send.

    But even though those devious outlaws got the rest of the prizes...we managed to save just one of them...Stitch's old shoe!

    But seriously....thank you Clash community for getting involved and having fun with this. I hope we can do a lot more stuff like this in the future. All ideas are welcome. Send me a pm. I had the greatest time! Thanx again!

    I dint win

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    Quote Originally Posted by Killercheese View Post
    I dint win
    That was several days late...
    Quote Originally Posted by powercage View Post
    Spring traps should eject a hero permanently. To get one back, you should have to purchase and upgrade again from scratch because it isnt the same hero.
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    They're actually not hidden. There's a setting that toggles abandoned bases on or off. You just have to check the box to include abandoned bases in search.

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    Great competition , congratulations winners

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealGinngie View Post
    Are you using internet explorer? Because you're about a month late.

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    Thanks for the shout Raindragon!

    Well done to all competitors!
    especially the ones who beat me =P
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    Congratulations. My personal favorites:

    1st - bacon&hogs, brilliant!
    2nd - clapping the trees
    3rd - clouds.

    Well done all.

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