THE AUSSIE FARMER is looking for new members and we would welcome you to our hood! While our Leader, Warren (The Chief), Co-Leaders Chris (The Old Chook) and Jen (Town Sheriff) live in Australia, we have members from Ireland, England, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada and USA. We love the derby and pretty much, our only rule is to opt out of the derby if you canít take part. We are a peaceful, harmonious hood and care very much about each other.

Each member of the hood is an Elder and this really helps with keeping the derby board up to date. Some hoods demand you use diamonds to take extra tasks and demand tasks over 320. Not on The Aussie Farmer as we appreciate not everyone can afford this and not everyone has the time to wait for 320 tasks to turn up! We play for fun and friendship and enjoy the rewards the derby brings.

I (Chris The Old Chook!) run a shop which I try to keep within the hood filled with time consuming items such as popcorn, noodles, pasta, lettuce, tomatoes, clothing etc in order to help our time poor members. Please check us out, say hello and see if this is a hood where you will be happy. We would welcome you!

THE AUSSIE FARMER: Green truck over purple/mauve background
ENTRY: Everyone welcome
AGE: Must be over 18 Ė an adult hood
DERBY: Do your best! Must opt out if unable to play
DERBY BOARD: On display